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Interview : Younique Black Status Super Rep – Claire Danielle Cowan

Younique : UK Younique presenter Claire Danielle earned $10,000 in a few days - Want to find out how?

Claire Danielle Cowan has been a Younique Rep since the company first launched in the UK. I interviewed her nearly 18 months ago when she had just been presented with a giant novelty sized cheque for $10,000 but did the Multi Level Marketing dream continue after that or did it vanish into thin air.

It’s been 18 months since we last spoke and you had just been given a giant cheque for $10,000 from Younique! What’s happened in the time since? 

It’s been a whirlwind ! I still pinch myself everyday . We now have a team of over 24,000 women and a few men. Not only my life has changed but I’m now seeing lots of lives change . From people being able to leave their full time employed jobs to be able to stay at home with their kids , new houses , new cars , holidays , our team are achieving great things . The growth is incredible , Younique just keeps going from strength to strength.

For me it’s not about what I earn . It’s about the freedom I now have.

Every MLM seems to claim that it is the next ‘big thing’ but what is it that you think has made Younique connect so well with the female population?

Youniques mission is to Uplift , empower and validate people. This is exactly what we do. We don’t just sell incredible products. We give women (and men!) confidence, hope, and belief in themselves.

We teach them how to become the very best version of themselves and to work on their mindset. When they get to that point – it’s then they see their business really take off . It’s all about confidence.

Have you found any negative backlash at all in the MLM world? Perhaps those jealous of how well you are doing?

If there has been any , I don’t take an interest in it . I have no time for negativity in my life.

How have you family and friends been with you regarding your new found wealth?

Everyone has been verysupportive.. And those who haven’t been are no longer a part of my life . The first main lesson I learned was cut out any negativity around me in order to live a positive happy life

How do you feel about claims that the UK market for Younique is actually over saturated?

There’s around 64 million people in the UK. We have approximately 50,000 presenters,  plus not all of these presenters are active. So the numbers speak for themselves, over saturated we most definitely are not.

I speak to people everyday who have not even heard of Younique. We are just getting started  . Also bear in mind that we are a social media based business which means we are not limited to where we can sell to / sponsor from. Currently we are open in the UK , North America, Canada , Australia , New Zealand , Germany , Mexico , France and soon to be Spain.

What sort of opportunities have you been able to have since you joined Younique that you NEVER thought you would be able to do?

I was able to quit my full time job last October. Something I never thought would be possible.

I’m now at home to see my son off to school and here when he comes home.

Travel was also one of my main objectives. I’ve been able to travel a lot ! Including Utah 3 times, Poland, Iceland, Spain, Thailand, Germany, Miami, Jamaica, France.

This month alone I’ve been to Thailand on a 2 week family holiday, Spain for 3 days as a treat for my leaders and as I write this I’m sat on a plane on my way to Las Vegas to The Most Powerful Women in Network Marketing Event.

I’ve traveled more in the last 18 months than I had in my whole life previously !

The future looks very bright. I have lots of plans.

Has your success made you think about getting into other MLM systems at all?

Not at all . I genuinely believe in finding the company that you are passionate about and putting in 100% . There’s lots of great companies out there .  I wouldn’t have time to focus on anything else . This company is not just a job to me it’s a huge part of my life and I can’t imagine doing anything elsewith any other MLM company.

Why is it that you think the churn rate is so high with MLM? Why do so many people start off with a bang and full of enthusiasm but soon enough seem to give up and throw in the town? Is there a responsibility on the sponsor not to set exceptions TOO high?

The problem is that people expect to ‘get rich quick’ . We all know this is not the case and definitely not how this industry works . Everyone starts off with excitement and momentum , but when the going gets tough people quit rather than carry on . That’s why personal development is such a huge part of this business . It’s all about growing into the person you need to be to be able to deal with the hurdles that come along . It takes time, dedication , persistence, but mainly consistency . I’m always honest with everyone that joins, I never sugar coat anything . If you want huge success – be prepared to work HARD for it! If their reason for wanting to change their life is ‘big’ ie their ‘why’ then that should be enough motivation to keep them going.

What are the qualities that you think make a good presenter and what qualities do you think you need to be a successful sponsor in any MLM system?

You don’t need experience to be able to do this . What you do need is a positive attitude, commitment and drive . You need to want to change your life and be prepared to do whatever it takes . To be a successful sponsor you have to genuinely want to help others to achieve whatever it is that they have joined this business for . That’s the secret to success . Want it for others as much as you want it for yourself .  When they succeed you succeed, both personally and professionally.  There are few things that can beat the feeling of being a part of someone changing their life for the better.

If you would like to join Younique and follow in Clare’s footsteps then simply go here to join up.


16 thoughts on “Interview : Younique Black Status Super Rep – Claire Danielle Cowan”

  1. As a Younique rep myself I have personally struggled to gain any momentum. I can’t compete with people who have loads of cash to spare so can place large orders all the time – all my local sales groups are flooded with reps who have all the products to hand so instantly save the shipping costs for the customer. I have lost loads of sales because I haven’t got it on me now when the customer wants it.

    I do love the products, I think the company is great but it’s very hard and I’m not in the “get rich quick scheme” group of thinkers – I’m pretty sure that I won’t be doing it by the end of the year because everyone already has their own Younique rep, or they don’t wear make-up or they don’t buy from, or other reps are offering it cheaper (I’ve had lots of those comments).

    1. Claire Danielle Cowan

      Hey hun . Main thing to remember is you don’t need to focus on your local area , we are lucky enough to be a social media based business 🙂 never underestimate the power of social media ! I often get random orders from germany and mexico . I never entertain for sale or swap groups people are always looking for super cheap or free stuff there , plus we are not allowed to sell on there . Any business you need to put in before U get out , have U tried offering samples ? People do business with people they like and trust and usually stay loyal , so look after your customers and they will always come back 🙂 there’s so many ways to make this business work . Think outside the box , home parties ,
      Fetes , stalls , ask friends to host parties etc . Also remember this business ALOT is about mindset , how bad do you want it ? Your comment ‘pretty sure I won’t be doing this by the end of the year ….. That tells me you’ve already given up ! This business is incredible , one thing I suggest is find someone local to you and buddy up , share tips , set goals together , have someone there to hold you accountable . Another thing … Build your network , this is important , continue adding new friends every day , get business cards , blitz cards and get out there …. Good luck Cxx

      1. -In over a year I’ve not had one random sale – I even blog about the products.
        -I’ve done several stalls and I’ve sold one mascara in total.
        -Nobody wants a party and I’ve approached plenty of people including my best customers, I’ve even done a charity party where I was going to give almost all my commission to the charity but no-one attended.
        -I don’t have the money to invest in buying all the foundations so I can give out samples, especially when there is no guarantee of any sales. I was willing to buy the samples but they sold out before I was able to purchase any.
        -I’ve done flash sales, I’ve broken down collections, I’ve offered loyalty incentives, I’ve run competitions in my VIP group – I have about 4 interested, loyal customers and even some of them have multiple reps so they can get the cheapest products.
        -I became inactive for the first time last month, I put my own order in to reactivate myself which I shouldn’t have to do.
        – I’ve boosted posts for the Mexico, Germany, France and Spain launches to try and connect with more people but nothing has come of it – I’ve even followed up on the few likes I got.

        My entire team is now inactive because they are suffering the same things – one of them lost all hope after the foundations went out of stock for 6 months. She had loads of interest in them til then but all those customers gave up because they lost trust in the company.

        I am basically the official Y-rep on The Money Shed, I’ve kept the thread up to date, pouring info and positivity into it and I’ve had ONE person approach me about joining – this is the UK’s LARGEST work from home site and one person has asked me about joining but even they’re unsure. I’ve tried to prove everyone around me who said “you won’t get anywhere, you were too late to join” completely wrong but it hasn’t worked out like that. I sound like I’ve given up purely because I almost have, I worked my arse off wanting to hit Pink for my 1 year anniversary but not one order came that month. I don’t have the money to throw into doing stall after stall after stall and buying all the stock in so people can walk with something in their hands – I have a pile of mascaras, liners, bronzers (that came with collections) that nobody wants unless I can knock more than my commission off.

        1. Claire Danielle Cowan

          Did you attend the empower you event at the weekend ??

          Add me on facebook and we can chat . I know this business works because I see it with my own eyes not just with myself buy lots of my team . Lots of them are fairly new too so it’s not just the ‘ones who got in first ‘ . I have a 6th gen black status who only joined a year ago and she’s smashing It . Her number 1 thing is personal development and I also believe mindset is massive in this business xx

          1. Great reply, Chammy. I’m so fed up of hearing about how the Younique market isn’t saturated. Of course it’s saturated!! It’s beyond saturated. People are absolutely sick to death of the word ‘younique’. Facebook is plastered with it.

            MLM is about riding the wave. It’s about getting in at the right time, building a team early, BEFORE market saturation point, so that you have a strong team and a big customer base. It’s no good coming along a year or two years later. It won’t work! The time has passed!

            I’m sick of reading about attraction marketing and positive thinking and hounding your friends to have parties. It’s all so desperate!! Current Younique presenters get their PRS through raffles mostly! The company stinks. Agh don’t get me started!!

            1. Claire Danielle Cowan

              I love reading other people’s opinions , and this business isn’t for everyone , but what I do know is that my inbox is filled with messages from women who’s lives it has changed .

              450,000 presenters worldwide ,
              64 million people in the UK , 54,000 presenters in the UK . Clearly not saturated .

              Mlm is a great business model . I have friends in juice plus who are just past the 2 year mark and are doing fantastic . Juice plus has been going 40+ years . So they def were not in at the beginning

              Are you a presenter ??

              1. There might be 64 million people in the uk but how many of them are on Facebook? And how many of those see Younique every single day on their news feeds and on selling pages? People are sick of it. Fact. It doesn’t sell. Fact. Certain elite status presenters got there by doing constant raffles and buying product that they now can’t sell. Fact.

                I was a presenter, yes, until I’d had enough of the lies and exaggerations, the bitching and the cliques, the presenters breaking rules and not getting dealt with, the people I was trying to sell to cringing every time they hear younique, the fake before and after pics, the poor quality makeup, etc etc etc.

                1. 54,000 out of 64 million suggests one person in 1,185 is currently a presenter. These products are aimed mainly at women, so you have a total market of around 600 people per presenter, probably closer to 500 once you take away small children. That sounds pretty well saturated to me.

                  1. Claire Danielle Cowan

                    54,000 have actually signed up since we launched . Wouldn’t like to say how many of them I think are still active ….. No where near that amount though .

                  2. No, again I don’t have the money to attend events plus I had plans over the weekend any way.

                    I’m not saying it doesn’t work, I can see it working as I have many Younique friends that I’ve met over the last year and I wouldn’t change that for the world – they’re awesome ladies who I feel lucky to have met. It just isn’t working for me or my team.

                    I know you say you stay away from local selling groups but when you go on looking for upcoming stalls and see that there are already 3 or 4 presenter’s commenting as wanting a stall or someone wants a foundation, you message them to tell them it’s £30 for them to thank you and ask the next presenter how much their’s is it does get a little demotivating.

                    1. Claire Danielle Cowan

                      If you are serious then im willing to chat and give you anything I think may help ❤️ Nothing I love more than seeing others succeed x

                  3. You and Katie were so inspirational to me at Empower You. Left with serious fire in my belly and I loved every second of it. The atmosphere was magical in there everyone was pumped. Loved Bri’s presentation on virtual parties and especially when she said you can’t complain to your sponsor that it’s not working if you haven’t got 5/7 parties going at that given time. It was just incredible and can already feel a change in my business. Best quote of the day for me “everyone wants to shine bright like a diamond, but no one wants to get cut”

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