How to go from hobby blogger to PAID freelancer

How to go from hobby blogger to PAID freelancer

Today we have a guest post from Zoe Wells who has created a fantastic FREE online course about effective strategies to transform from a hobby blogger to being a PAID freelancer.

Many people ask how it’s possible to become a freelance writer with no ‘official’ training. The answer – it all began from my blog. Around 4 years ago, I started my first blog in the beauty and lifestyle sector. At the time, I was about to finish a degree in English and writing had always been a passion of mine, but I had no idea about how to get started in the industry. For me, blogging was a hobby, a passion and a way to express myself. My blog slowly began to grow and I realised that I could potentially use my content as a way to get paid freelance work. Starting out wasn’t easy, and I had to really hustle to begin with, but knowing what I know now, I believe I’m in position to help others. That’s why I created a free e-course ‘From Blogger to Freelancer’, sharing effective strategies on how you can make the transition from hobby blogger to paid freelance writer.

For those interested in becoming a freelance writer/editor or proofreader, here’s a few things I suggest, alongside the strategies laid out in the free course.

Start a blog

Yes, it’s pretty obvious, but starting a blog is something that will provide you with samples of work and demonstrate your skills. You can start a blog on the Blogger platform for free (you don’t necessarily need your own domain, though it looks more professional). I’d recommended choosing a simple, clean blog design and readable font to make your site easy for visitors to read.

Choose a niche

Rather than creating content on a range of subjects, opt for a specific niche. This should be related to what you’re passionate about or have extensive knowledge in. Having a niche will also make it easier for starting out as a freelance writer. For example, many of my first jobs related to the beauty industry as this was the focus of my personal blog. As a full time copywriter, I now create content in a range of genres, however, having experience in a specific niche helped me to land those first gigs.

Sign up to social media

Social media is vital for promoting your blog posts, your freelance writing abilities and for networking opportunities. I highly recommend signing up to Pinterest in order to promote your work, as well as joining Facebook groups for copywriting/business opportunities.

Sign up to Linked In

Linked In is a goldmine for job opportunities and it’s also a great place to promote yourself. On your profile page, mention your blog and a small paragraph about your background. Connecting with others in your niche is also a plus.

Promote your services on your blog

Placing a services page on your blog is the ideal way to let potential clients know that you’re available for work. On your services page, you should include information on the services you’re offering, your experience, any testimonials and a price list. You can find out more on what to include in my post How to Create a Services Page.

Get pitching

Pitching to clients may seem daunting, but think of it like any job application. State why you’re interested in the job position, your experience and skills, and demonstrate samples of your work. You can find out how to pitch for freelance sites in my free course. My blog post ‘Where to Find Freelance Writing Jobs’ is a good starting point if you want to apply for freelance work.

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