Investing in a Sustainable Bond

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Wherever you’re considering investing your money, it stands to reason that you want it to be an investment that is likely to work for you. Most people understanding that there is a level of risk with many investments, but don’t tend to invest their money if they feel likely to lose it.

Over recent months, UK interest rates have fallen to some of the lowest rates we have seen for several years. This has led many people to consider different ways to get a return on their way and where else they might be able to invest their savings.

Cyan Finance has recently realised their offering – self-described as “a bank, but better”, they’re offering sustainable bonds. This means that people can invest their money in the hope of a good return, but also know they’re doing their bit for the environment too!

What Are Cyan Finance Offering?

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For a minimum investment of £100, you can buy a bond that lasts 3 years. In return, they’ll give you a 3.5% interest per annum and it is this return percentage that is likely to entice people to invest with them. Investors can enjoy tax-free returns if they invest through Cyan’s Innovative Finance ISA, subject to their personal tax status.   It is the first individual investment opportunity that Cyan finance have offered and it could prove very popular.  They’ll also pay out interest 4-times a year to investors, so people can expect to see some money back within just a few months. Investors should be aware that investing in the Cyan Sustainable Bond puts their capital at risk and returns are not guaranteed. Go to to learn more and to invest

Cyan Finance – The Environmental Option

When investing money in bonds people don’t often give much thought to what their money could be invested in while the bond company hold it. According to Cyan Finance, some investment companies could be using the money to invest in environmentally damaging companies. Cyan Finance were keen to offer something different and unlike other finance houses don’t have a history of funding dirty industries, all that they do is genuinely green and sustainable. Funds raised through the bond will be used to help Cyan expand their business and grow their team, enabling them to help more companies address the climate emergency. This gives investors peace of mind that not only are they getting a fixed interest rate, but their money is doing something good for the planet in the meantime.

Cyan Finance are currently supporting a variety of innovative sustainable companies that are working to put solar-powered electric buses on the streets of Brighton, alert cities and governments of environmental risks such as flooding and storms and provide biodegradable, plastic free packaging alternatives, to name a few.  

Should I Invest in Cyan Finance Sustainable Bonds?

With any investment, you should do your own research and ensure that you’re committing to something that is going to work best for you. It is worth noting that your capital is at risk and returns are not guaranteed,  investments such as this are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). If you are looking to invest money in bonds, then knowing you’re doing something good for the environment is a great reason to chosen Cyan. Of course, the 3.5% interest rate is a great help too, especially as you can invest from as little as £100.

Cyan Finance have worked hard to build long-term relationships with several green economy companies which means that they can offer environmentally friendly investments. It is also worth noting that they were awarded the ESG Investor of the Year award at the BusinessGreen Leaders awards in 2020 and awarded Investor of the Year at the Edie Sustainability Leaders Awards earlier this year – perhaps a testament to the fantastic investment opportunity they’re offering.

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