Is It Possible To Save Money On Holidays In The Long Term?

Is It Possible To Save Money On Holidays In The Long Term?

If you’re anything like us, you love having that break from your day to day life in order to experience a wonderful holiday with friends and family. This can be a fun way to escape into the world, to experience fantastic celebrations, to take part in activities you’ve never tried before, or to enjoy a simple, laid back experience eating at every wonderful restaurant down the coast.

All of this is valid and can help you make great memories worth keeping. Yet the truth is that often, holidays are expensive. There are ways to save money here and there, of course, but for those who wish to travel more often, or to get the most out of an experience with freer decisions, it can be hard to know what to choose.

Is it possible to save money on holidays in the long term, then? In this post, we’ll discuss how and why we believe it is, and the extent to which you may wish to make plans in order to levy this benefit. Let’s discuss this, below:

Package Deal Clubs

Finding a fantastic package deal can be a wonderful new insight for many, allowing them to bring along more family members or friends than they had anticipated and letting their vacationing budget go further.

Often, package deals are curated by a given service, such as a tour company also providing hotel access for new tourists trying to get acquainted with a culture or city. This can sometimes be designed in order to make use of a specific event also, such as package deals that take into account attendance of a particular festival, allowing you to ensure everything is all-inclusive.

It’s important to look through the terms of your package deal and consider if they’re worthwhile for you. For instance, some may offer evening meals or breakfasts included in your hotel rate, some may not. Some might include travel insurance, some may not. Others may arrange travel for you, some may ask you to make your own way there. 

It can also be that certain clubs design to give you premier access to designed package deals each year can help you avoid having to compete for a spot, as your membership fee will also take care of that going forward. Package deals might not be for everyone, but it’s hard to deny that they can offer an overwhelming amount of worth to people who just want a comfortable, confident, and cost-effective holiday they don’t have to worry about. Thanks to the package nature of the holiday, you’ll find that saving money through the service pre-arranging your experience with the appropriate services is worth your time. Of course, it’s important to weigh up if this is worth limiting some of your day to day freedom for.

Holidays Closer To Home

It might sound obvious to say, but you’d be surprised at how many people fail to regard the beauty, possibility and cost-effective savings that come with holidays closer to home. Of course, you may wish to head somewhere a little more interesting and new than the next town across, but it’s important to note that there may be a fantastic experience just waiting for you at your local coast, or within a village you’ve wanted to explore for some time.

Visiting a particularly unique city or area with historical tales to tell can be tremendously rewarding from now into the future, and so it matters to think about what could be on your doorstep. You’ll save money here by never having to convert your funds to another currency, or having to travel too far. Furthermore, you can easily make use of last-minute deals when you know travelling to them isn’t going to be a problem. 

There’s no reason as to why you can’t experience a holiday with a completely different spin on how you live and what you’re accustomed to, even if the space is closer to home than usual. For instance, park cabin getaways can be a wonderful use of your time, especially in the middle of a forest, completely upending your suburban sensibilities, as it were. 

Investing In A Holiday Property

Investing in a beautiful second home provides you the means of owning an asset that can be used to support your financial endeavours, while also ensuring a gorgeous holiday spot remains yours until you no longer have a use for it.

Having a space like this can increase the holidays you have per year, knowing that accommodation is almost always going to be available and at no extra cost. In the long run, this may even work out cheaper than a lifetime of booking hotels and week stays at certain resorts. Furthermore, during your off-periods when the house is empty, you may decide to use services like AirBnB to earn from temporary renters and holidaymakers. You even have a deeper degree of control regarding how people use your property, such as preventing pets (and their muddy footprints in a muddy area0 from affecting your home in a manner that you may not appreciate. 

Caravans & Camping

There’s nothing quite as freeing as camping in The Great Outdoors, as here you can pitch whenever and wherever you deem safe, legal and appropriate, and camping zones are often very cheap to occupy with access to general amenities you need. Just invest in the right tent size for your friendship group and family, bring along some additions like a barbecue and offline entertainment, and all of a sudden you have a fantastic time on your hands.

Of course, this neatly streamlines in the beauty of road tripping with friends you care about, using camping and caravaning (or using a motorhome) as your accommodation of choice. There’s a great deal of freedom in travelling the country experiencing such an outcome, or just taking your time to go further abroad and explore in the best possible light.

Visiting Family & Friends

It’s helpful to visit family and friends from time to time, and of course, most of us know that this can serve as its own sense of mini-holiday. When we’ve made the effort to come and visit for a few days, it’s rare that our loved ones are going to charge us for room and board, even if we do bring gifts and something to sweeten the deal.

Make a habit of visiting often or in a row, and before you know it your touching reunion becomes a comforting and confident approach to taking a real holiday with your family, or as a couple. You’ll no doubt provide the same experience to those you appreciate, so it all balances out in the end.


If you’re looking for something more substantial in your day to day planning, then using timeshares can be a great way to temporarily own a week in a given property. Depending on the nature of the deal this might mean that you cultivate 1/52nd ownership which can then be resold at a later date, or it might mean that you lease a certain place for more.

If you know that you really wish to visit a certain area with no chance of that changing, and just wish for convenience, then this can actually serve as quite a competent and cost-saving option in the future. 

With this advice, we believe you’ll see how possible it is to save money on holidays in the long term. With a little planning and care, you too can open up your options and free your most intensive financial obligations each year.

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