Is Your Mindset Preventing You From Earning More Money?

Earning More Money

Tapping into your mindset is something you should consider if you have recently found yourself at a standing point in your business. When your thoughts aren’t propelling your business forward, you are getting in the way of reaching your full potential. The most innovative and successful business owners will have worked deeply on their mindset before they got to where they are today. The truth is, your earning potential is limitless as long as you have the right attitude and belief system. When you want to earn more money you just have to switch your train of thought from “Can I?” to “I Can.’” Although this sounds very simple in principle, you may need to dig a lot deeper in order to get there. If you think your mindset has been off track recently, then some of the following strategies will help to bring you back on track. You don’t need to make any huge changes to your thought processes, you simply need to adjust your core values and success will soon follow.

Write Down Huge Goals

Your first step to achieving a positive money mindset is to write down your biggest goals. There is absolutely no limit to these goals; they can be as wild and wonderful as you like. Try not to think too much as you write these goals down. You want to spend a solid ten to fifteen minutes writing down every possible thing you want to achieve in your personal, professional and financial life. You could cover everything such as having a family, owning a holiday home and looking at boats for sale in the near future. Remember that these goals are limitless and some of them can seem a little crazy to you. These goals are going to come in so useful for a future exercise, so hang onto them and revert back to them when you need to remind yourself of the bigger picture.

Do You Have a Negative Experience With Money?

Think back to your childhood and early adulthood, what did your parents tell you about money? Did you often hear the phrase, “money doesn’t grow on trees!.”? Like most people, you probably had this ingrained in your head and thought it would never be possible to earn a stable income without busting a gut. The truth is, your previous experiences with money can shape your mindset. If you don’t have a positive outlook on money, then you are going to have limiting beliefs surrounding this subject. Once you get down to the core of your previous experiences with money, you will be able to pinpoint the areas you need to work on.

What Are Your Limiting Beliefs?

Now that you have explored your negative experiences with money, you may start to see a pattern when it comes to your limiting beliefs. Do you believe that you’re not worthy of earning a lot of money? Do you see money as a negative entity? Every single business owner will have a different perception of money, so it’s up to you to find yours. Then you need to challenge your own belief system in order to make a breakthrough. Why is money a negative idea in your head? How can you turn it into a positive? This is just one, very popular example that many entrepreneurs will have as their limiting belief. Write down all of those negative thoughts and try and put a positive spin to it.

Write Down What Is Achievable for Your Business

Earlier you wrote down your huge goals for the future, whether you want to own a boat or have a huge house in the countryside, you have those visions on paper already. Now you need to write down everything that is fully achievable for your business. These need to be measurable goals that you could realistically achieve. You might want to double your revenue or sign up twenty new clients each month. Write down these measurable and achievable goals for your business so you can start making an action plan.

Work Towards Quarterly Goals

When you set quarterly goals for your business they become much easier to manage. Setting yourself goals for each month becomes tiresome and overwhelming; you probably feel as though you’re constantly chasing your tail if you already set out goals in this way. Map out the upcoming quarters in the year and set a specific goal for each of them. You can then reverse engineer this and figure out exactly what you need to do in order to achieve them. It is such a simple, but effective exercise.

Use Visualizations

Even if meditation isn’t your thing, you should definitely try visualization exercises. Using the power of visualization, you can actually position yourself in a place that feels tangible to you. If you imagine yourself waking up to blue skies and palm trees one day, then make that the constant image in your head. This type of mindset will allow you to keep pushing forward to achieve your business goals so that you can get there one day.

Stop Holding Yourself Back

The only thing that is holding you back is yourself; there is nobody else in the world who can stand in your way and prevent you from achieving your financial goals. Now that you have adjusted your mindset, you will soon be able to stay on track and hopefully, all of your visualizations come into fruition one day.

If you have never tried working on your mindset before, then there is so much to be achieved. When you start from scratch you will be able to find out so much about yourself that will help to propel your business forward in leaps and bounds. Even if it sounds too hippy for you, trying these exercises really can’t hurt. The results for many business owners who choose to follow this path are astounding. When you visualize exactly what you want, it will come back around in some way. So adjust your mindset today and start using your own emotional power to bring about amazing things for your lifestyle and your business.

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