How to claim your free rewards, cashback and vouchers

claim your free rewards

There are so many options available when looking for a broadband package these days that it can be difficult to know which provider to choose. Of course, more providers mean more competition for them to take your hard-earned cash.

What this tends to lead to is a battle of the offers. When comparing broadband packages, you’ve probably noticed bonus incentives for signing up. It’s great for the consumer because we’re getting something in return for our business. This usually comes in the form of cashback or vouchers, but it all adds up.

One of the biggest problems with this system is that it’s generally set up in a way that means more work at your end to actually receive your reward. It’s hardly ever anything too complicated or time consuming but many people either can’t be bothered to go through the process or forget about the offer altogether. That means you’re missing out on some freebies that you deserve and you’re letting your provider get away without rewarding you for your custom.

How do you claim free rewards? 

How you go about claiming your free rewards will depend on the offer that you signed up to. Most of the time, it’s a simple case of filling in an online form or clicking a few buttons to retrieve your freebies. 

Nevertheless, it can be confusing for some people and that’s why they’re missing out. Thankfully, the kind people over at have done all of the background research for you and have created a guide to claiming your rewards that walks you through the step by step process for several providers.

There’s now no reason to miss out on rewards from the following providers:

  • BT Reward Card. If you’ve placed an order for BT Broadband, you may be eligible for a BT Reward Card. It’s pre-loaded with cash for you to spend on whatever you like. Cable shows exactly what to do to obtain your BT Reward Card by filling in a few details.
  • BT M&S Vouchers. Likewise, if you’re eligible for some free M&S vouchers with your BT order then the process couldn’t be simpler.
  • BT Amazon Echo. Look at all the stuff BT is giving away (or not if you don’t claim). Don’t miss out on your Amazon Echo by following the step by step guide by Cable.
  • EE Reward Card. Fancy a free, pre-paid Mastercard? Well, you might be able to get your hands on one if you’re an EE broadband customer. The guide, of course, is laid out clearly by Cable.
  • Sky. If you thought BT were offering a lot of different goodies, then wait until you hear about Sky’s offers. They’ve been handing out pre-paid Mastercards, M&S vouchers, Amazon vouchers, Samsung and LG TVs, Galaxy Tab tablets, Xbox One S consoles, and Lenovo laptops. All you need to do is follow the guide and take advantage of what you’re owed.

Ultimately, if you’re not willing to spend the short amount of time it takes to claim your rewards then the broadband providers are winning. If you’re eligible for any of the above rewards then follow the step by step guides provided by Cable to claim what can be a significant bonus. You’ve earned them!

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