How to make virtual relationships work during Coronavirus

Virtual Relationship

Relationships can be hard at the best of times. It doesn’t matter if you are a brand new couple full of the joys of spring or one that has been together for a few years and is now looking to move in once we get out of lockdown.

Of course the fact we can’t see each other like we used to a few months ago is going to put the biggest strain on new relationships that are just starting out.

Even with the lockdown in full effect, we are still seeing adverts on TV for dating agencies. Even online the likes of eHarmony, The Cambridgeshire Dating Site, The Guernsey Dating Site and apps like Tinder are all still there trying to match people.

So what can we do to turn these relationships into more virtual relationships and keep them going until the lockdown ends?

Making use of technology is the most obvious thing to use. Back in the 90s when you used to go clubbing and meet someone the next day you would have to make the dreaded phone call to their home landline number hoping that (a) the number was real and (b) their parents didn’t answer the phone so you have to explain who you are!

Thankfully those days are gone and with smartphones you can do full video chats with your new partner without a care in the world which can really help while we are not able to see each other.

I know of some couples who in the early days would just leave their smartphone live streaming them in bed to the other person so they could sort of fall asleep together!

Being realistic is another thing you will need to get through this. The way we are living at the moment isn’t forever as at some point we will have to come out of the lockdown we are in and live a life which is the ‘new normal’ as they say. If you can both keep reminding each other that soon you will be together normally it will really help both of you.

A final tip is to ‘get interactive!’ Playing a game together is a great way to feel connected and have a good time. It doesn’t have to be you both playing FIFA or Call Of Duty. It could just be a simple puzzle game that you could work out together. Or you could even watch a TV show or film at the exact same time so you can chat about it over the phone or via text in real-time. The advantage of these interactive ideas is that they will also work as a distraction which is something we all need while we are going through this no matter what our relationship status.

Remember to give yourself a break though as like anything it’s important not to have too much of one thing. You can’t spend all your time staring at your smartphone so do have time away from the relationship no matter how tempting it can be to keep in constant contact with each other.

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