Lucky numbers in games: mathematical fact or myth?

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There are a lot of players who think that games of chance contain lucky numbers. Therefore, they do not depend on a specific strategy or think statistically about the odds. They prefer numbers that represent to them something like the date of birth. The date of marriage. Even the date of the first job! In fact, loto and casino games entice players to use these numbers. For example, in the lotto games offered, the RNG algorithms choose the results randomly. Thus, the same number may appear more than once or not at all. This causes bettors to think in countless ways when predicting the winning numbers!

Whether you believe in lucky numbers or not, in fact, your try is one chance out of 292,201,338 available odds! This means that the winning chance is very low, yet the prize is very tempting and makes you say to yourself, “Why shouldn’t I be the next winner”?!

As is well known, each game has its own rules and unique odds of winning. Consequently, the number that won the last round may not win again in the next round. Every game of luck offered by the online casino is based on statistical odds that can provide you with a profit in the short term, but in the long term it is only in the casino’s interest and there is no legal way that can increase your odds of winning!

Is the number 3 the luckiest of all?

Many people think that the number 3 has a special power for many reasons; As you cannot live for 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water, or 3 weeks without food!

In addition, the planet Earth is the third in the solar system. The stage of human life is childhood, youth, and old age. The human being himself consists of a mind, a heart, and a soul. When you start learning the alphabet, you start with A, B, C, also when you learn numbers, you start with 1, 2, 3! Every human eats three meals a day. The watch has 3-hour hands. The genie of the lamp offered Aladdin 3 wishes. As for the sports places, they are 3; the first, second and third.

Although the number 3 has great advantages, it does not mean that it is the number that the roulette ball will land on in the next round! For example, all religions believe that the lord is one. A person always works on one task at a time. Works at one job. Marries one woman … etc., However, all these things do not mean that number one is better than number 3 or the opposite!

Is the number 7 the luckiest of all?

There is also a popular belief that the number 7 is more fortunate than the rest of the other numbers, especially in Asian countries! Believers depend on evidence such as; The days of creation and days of the week are 7. There are 7 colours in the rainbow. Also, there are 7 continents and 7 seas in the world. Like the previous numbers, this also does not indicate that nature will give an advantage to the number 7 at the expense of other numbers!

Lots of scholars have done studies on Chinese lotteries, they have found that the number 7 is chosen 25% more than any other number! Although there is no statistical advantage to this number. Also, this number is not chosen in any prize in China Or around the world recently.

The only thing that can guarantee you have higher odds of winning is to bet more numbers in the lottery, roulette, and bingo not on gamstop, check this out and find more info here. For example, the roulette game contains 36 numbers. Meaning that the ball is likely to hit 36 options in one spin. So, betting on all options that include a large range of numbers (outside bets), gives you higher chances of winning, despite these bets give you lower payouts.

Likewise, the same idea can be applied in lottery games. Many people collect groups of thousands of participants to buy the largest possible amount of loto tickets. Thus get more chances of winning. However, when the prize is obtained and divided between the participants, each person gets extremely limited profit!

How to choose your lucky numbers?

Many people believe that the universe is chaotic, while others believe that the universe structured and everything has some significance! Each team has strong evidence that supports his point impressively. Also, there is a third team who believes that the zodiacs can provide him with the information he needs to make important decisions in his life However, it is imperative not to ignore randomness – at least – from a purely mathematical point of view!

Do you have special lucky numbers?

Finally, most people have a unique lucky number that may be their date of birth, the date of birth of the first child they had, or even the license plate number. In fact, we cannot deny that lucky numbers are one of the reasons that make games of chance alluring!

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