How To MAKE MONEY on Black Friday Deals

How To MAKE MONEY on Black Friday Deals 1

As we head towards Black Friday week we’ve got a guest post today written by the amazing Sarah from Dream of Home.

She shows us there’s a great way to actually EARN MONEY as you buy throughout the week but it’s important you sign up to your favourite Cashback earning website BEFORE it all starts!


Black Friday is an example of yet another American tradition that has made its way over to the UK.

Black Friday takes place the day after Thanksgiving, and is an opportunity to grab yourself some bargains. It’s a day when retailers slash their prices to encourage people to start shopping for Christmas.

This year, Black Friday is on Friday 24th November. With online stores offering huge discounts too, you can shop Black Friday deals from the comfort of your desk, without booking a day off work.

Black Friday is a wonderful opportunity for grabbing early Christmas presents, and even birthday presents.

It may be worth buying lots of small stocking filler presents, small gifts that can be used across the whole of the New Year. This will certainly work out cheaper than buying every time a birthday comes along, and you’ll always have something just in case you forget Aunt Sally’s 60th, or your parents’ wedding anniversary.

But how can you get more bang for your buck on Black Friday when prices have already been slashed so much?

The answer is cashback.

I’m fairly new to the excitement around cashback, but now, I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner.

It’s so easy to do. Just sign up to a cashback website, and always click the links from the site to your favourite online shops. Do your shopping as normal, and your cashback will land in your account.

On Black Friday, buy your deals but always go through a cashback website. Not only will your products be 30% off or more, but you may get 5%, 10% or up to 15% cashback on your purchase, saving you even more money.

But be wary. Some cashback isn’t available on full price items that have discount codes. For example, if you buy something full price and use a 10% off voucher code at checkout. This might make your cashback invalid, so work out which is more beneficial: the percentage off, or the percentage of cashback.

You could use your cashback on Christmas presents, birthday presents or something more obscure like your utilities bill or home insurance.

The more you spend, the bigger the cashback. So if you’re planning on buying a new £500 TV for half price on Black Friday, do it online, and you could get yourself an extra £25 back.

topcashback earnings

Just remember, don’t go mad because something is a ‘good deal’. Consider your purchases carefully. Will you use it, or is it an impulse buy because it’s 75% off?

The cashback sites let you choose a date when you want to withdraw your cashback to your bank account. You can even choose to pay it to a charity, or add it to your air miles account if you’re going on a trip.

I’ve been an active member since September, and have already earned £105 for doing nothing. All of this is being saved, and will be transferred to my account ready for my wedding.

If you started saving your cashback in January, by the following November/December, you could have £350 in your account. This is the average amount each person will save in one year.

It’s a no brainer. Get some excellent products for a fraction of the price on Black Friday, and a little extra on the side too.

What do you think?

Written by themoneyshed

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