Choosing the right Disney Holiday for your budget

Choosing the right Disney Holiday for your budget

As soon as you mention that you are going on a Disney holiday people will usually wince at the very cost of going to one of their resorts. It doesn’t matter if it is in Paris, Florida or even further afield as unless you are literally made of money then you will need to do some thinking about where you can cut costs at some point.

I’ve just come back from my 2nd holiday in a year to Florida and neither trip has really pushed the boat out in terms of cost. The flights were bought during a Virgin Holidays sale, the hotel we got at a bargain price and the Disney tickets we bought through TopCashBack so we got some money off them. Once you have covered those 3 bases it doesn’t matter which of the resorts around the world you are going to you will be able to have a fantastic time.

There are plenty of ways you can keep you cost down. One thing we did was choose one of the few hotels in Florida that actually offers breakfast included in the price. The reason we did that is that last time having to pay for breakfast each day + tip sure added up quickly, I think we were spending around $20-$30 a day on our breakfast. This time we had a hot and cold buffet style breakfast included (Including Mickey Waffles!) which we were able to enjoy every day without worrying about the cost. Anyone that has been to Florida will know the general routine is ‘Fill up at breakfast > snack throughout the day > have an evening meal so a big breakfast can really set you up well for the day.

Another tip I will give is ‘don’t buy the frills’. When you buy a holiday (especially a package one) you will be sold all manner of upgrade. One upgrade I never get is on the flight itself. I see using a plane as just getting from A to B. The price you get offered to upgrade to premium economy or first class on flights I think is just a joke, especially as the flights are only around 7-9 hours long. What’s the point in paying to upgrade to first class for your flight back from Orlando to the UK when you spend most of the hours asleep anyway as you always fly back over night!

Another great way we saved money on this last trip was by using the fridge / freezer in our hotel room. Anyone who has been to any of the Disney resorts knows that buying bottled water (which you need with the high temperatures) will sure add up quickly enough. What we did this time was go to Walmart as soon as we could and bought 9 bottles of water which cost about $2.90 and froze 6 of them. We would then take the frozen water with us to the parks where they would stay cold ALL DAY LONG in my bag. At the end of the day we would just refill them with water and freeze them again for use the next day. This means you can have very cold water whenever you want throughout the day and will save yourself a ton of money!

Disneyland Paris, which is the closest Park to us UK folk can actually only end up costing a few hundred less than you would pay for DisneyWorld or Disneyland in California so sometimes you need to factor in if it’s worth paying so much for a the shorter holiday that you would typically have in Paris.

It’s really important that you do your research as well and look at what each Disney resort offers in terms of not only attractions but also things like accommodation and the famous Disney parades! Disneyland Paris for example doesn’t offer any water parks so if swimming (or rather water based rides!) is your thing then you may want to skip that resort and look at ones in hotter, sunnier climates.

Finally the guys over at My Voucher Codes have made this amazing infographic which shows what each of the resorts offer in terms of attractions, accommodation, facilities and more so you can make sure you and getting everything you want from your Disney holiday so make sure you take a look at it before deciding which resort is the right one for your holiday!

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