Making Your Business Accessible To All

Making Your Business Accessible To All

If you have been steadily growing your business and going from strength to strength then that’s great news! If you are wanting to expand your business then there are plenty of ways to do this. There may still be some individuals who can’t access your products or services, either because they are not near your shop or can’t navigate your site. Here are some tips and advice on how to make your business more user-friendly and accessible to everyone. 

Wheelchair & Buggies

If you have only been based online rather than in a shop then you may not have much experience with this. If you are wanting to open a shop then you need to make sure the entrance is equipped with stairs and a ramp. This gives people the option as to which one they want to use. If you have a person who uses a wheelchair or a pushchair wanting to enter your premises then they will be able to use the ramp provided. 

Within your shop you will need to make sure you lay it out correctly so that people and things like buggies and wheelchairs can get through. There have been several incidents in shops where they have packed the rails too close together and nothing has been able to get through. This can land you in a bit of hot water as people can claim discrimination. If you have multiple floors then it may be necessary to install a lift, contact your local reputable lift company to do this for you. 


If your customers and visitors find that your website isn’t at all user-friendly then they will take their custom elsewhere. It isn’t just about how easily you can find things on your website, it is also the colour and style of your website that can put people off. If you are new to website building then you might want to take a course in designing a site or even use a professional to do it for you. 

You might also like to add an online shop if you don’t already have one. This gives people who may not necessarily be able to get out of the house a chance to browse your products and potentially purchase something. 


You should make sure that your staff are prepared for each and every person who enters your business or makes an inquiry. Training prevents rudeness and ignorance, it also embraces a more ‘everybody is equal’ attitude to people. If you have someone who isn’t confident with the social side of things, then training will give your staff every chance to help that person the best they possibly can. Training also goes a long way in professional development and looks great on CVs should your employees ever be looking for other work. 


Finally, to make sure your business is accessible to all people you might like to think about incorporating a car park. This means that people can park outside and only have a short walk to your business. If you are creating car parking spaces then make sure you include parent and child, as well as disabled bays so everyone has the opportunity to visit your premises. 

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