New Year, New Wish List

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I don’t know about you but every January I tend to draw up a bit of a wish list for the year.

These aren’t milestones I want to achieve or big weight loss goals but are instead material items I would like to have in my life by the end of the year. I sometimes think I end up doing this because we typically have time off over Christmas and New Year and I have FAR too much time to myself to think up some things I need in my life!

With that in mind I thought I’d show you what 3 things I am after this year.

A new Car

I used to drive NOTHING but VW cars bad sadly a rotten experience of buying a 2nd hand one that went very wrong ended up with me getting a Corsa which I’ve had for a few years now and while it’s nice and all it it’s extremely basic and as someone who does a lot of driving around the country due to my family being all spread out I really would prefer to have a car with features like cruise control and a bit better MPG.

I’m not sure yet if I will buy another 2nd hard car or just get a brand new car using a lease agreement from Yes Lease but it’s defiantly something I need to do one way or another this year.

Built In Furniture

What ironic about this is when we first moved into our house about 10 years ago I ripped out all the fitted wardrobes and shelves as I hated the damn things! As time has gone on and our needs have changed in our house I am more desperate than ever for storage space. More often that not it involved me buying free standing items from the likes of John Lewis but I would really like to get some purpose built furniture now (looking at places like Dandelion Interiors)  which is a bit more to our taste. I think looking back at it that was the reason why I ripped it out in the first place as I felt it was someone else’s taste and I didn’t like the fact I couldn’t easily get rid of it!


Or clothes are they are called to you and me (and anyone above the age of 30). I seem to have a serious issue with investing in new clothes. The wife is happy as Larry to do it but I tend to hang onto things until I have run them into the ground and for T-Shirts, Jeans and Jumpers that mean’s they can last for years! I’m not sure what it is that holds me back and when I turned 35 I was adamant I needed to look more mature outside of work but it just never seemed to happy as I always like slumming it in the hoodie or whatever at home. I need to start looking at places like Terraces Mensware instead of shopping at Tesco Extra. I need to buy more stuff from Moss Bros than just my wedding attire! I obviously spend a lot of time on social media and see a lot of guys looking very ‘dapper’ in their photos but as soon as I see how much they have spent on their look I just shy away from the entire thing.

I think it’s the ‘money saver’ in me that makes me want to spend as little as possible on what I wear but I guess that needs to change at some point or else everything will just stay the same forever (including my fashion sense!).

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