Why Upgrading Your Server Skills by Passing Microsoft 70-743 Exam Is Important and Why You Need Exam Dumps in Process

Passing Microsoft 70-743


If you wish to advance your career prospects, it’s advisable you learn new skills. This is extremely helpful for candidates having a desire to get into a new role or grasp an inspiring career opportunity. The 2016 version of Windows Server by Microsoft, for example, has made it possible for many professionals to enjoy the benefits that come with being proficient in their speciality area. As you may have known, Microsoft keeps upgrading its Windows Server. This makes it necessary for you to keep upgrading the skills in order to fit the constant tech changes. This post discusses the ExamSnap Exam Dumps and how important it is to your career.

Exam 70-743 Important Details

The test targets experienced professionals who have already achieved the MCSA: Windows Server 2012 R2 or MCSA: Windows Server 2008 credential. So, the assessment intends to help them get upgraded to MCSA: Windows Server 2016. These specialists are required to understand how to carry out key Windows Server 2016 aspects that include tasks such as installation, networking, storage, compute, and identity capabilities available in 2016 Windows Server.

Candidates would be required to take an exam that includes questions amounting from 40 to 60. Further, tasks for 70-743 exam are designed in different formats. You might encounter questions like short answer, active review, case study, review screen, or multiple-choice. Taking into account that you’ll have 2 hours to answer these questions, the cost of the test will go for $165. Candidates who manage to attain 700 points and above, up to 1000, will qualify for the MCSA: Windows Server 2016 credential.

Why Upgrading Your Server Skills through Exam 70-743 Is Relevant?

Most professions, including IT, require constant advancing of skills and knowledge of respective specialists as this adds value to these individuals’ work. Since modern technologies in all spheres keep changing, it’s important to adapt to them and be up-to-date with arising developments in your field. 

By upgrading your skills through exam 70-743, this is how you’re going to benefit.

It’s Easier to Upgrade

As mentioned previously in this post, by taking the Microsoft exam you’ll be moving directly to MCSA: Windows Server 2016. This route is more effective as compared to passing three separate exams, such as 70-740, 70-741, and 70-742, which lead to earning this MCSA badge as well, but within a longer time period. Rather than struggling to take a longer route, opt for acing the sole 70-743 assessment merging all the three tests’ topics like installation of Windows Servers in host and compute settings, implementing storage solutions together with Hyper-V and Windows containers, and installing and configuring AD DS, to name a few.

Acquiring Advanced Skills

It’s a well-known fact that Microsoft keeps upgrading its Windows Server system. If you take the exam, you’ll be ensuring your skills get advanced to fit the requirements of the new system. This will allow you to work efficiently in your role, thus making you a dependable employee.

Enhanced Self-Confidence

Taking on new tasks and being able to communicate issues to your employersin a laconic and structured way helps you to perform your job role effectively and productively. Talking in broader terms, managers and employers highly appreciate employees who are competent, knowledgeable and proactive. 

Increased Competitiveness

Learning new skills through passing this Microsoft exam with the code of 70-743 will help you stay up-to-the-minute in your IT area, thereby, enhancing your competitiveness in the job market. Surely, employers also prefer individuals who can perform their role effectively. This is what will happen immediately after you take the exam providing you marketability compared to your non-certified colleagues.

You Become More Resourceful

Substantially, the test helps you gain new knowledge and skills needed in today’s IT world. This manner, you’ll be in a powerful position to solve any problem arising at your working place and become entitled to be a self-directed employee ready for any occurring challenges. 

Enhanced Career Opportunities

Since most organizations have adopted the 2016 Windows Server version, accessing better career opportunities would be real if you upgrade your skills. So, exam 70-743 is what you need to ensure you get access to the jobs and enticing promotions you’ve always wanted. Thus, after passing 70-743 test you’ll be eligible for such positions as a computer network specialist, a systems administrator, to mention a few.

Getting a Pay Hike 

A certified specialist means a competency employee who is able to complete tasks effectively and efficiently. Being certified by the globally recognized IT vendor brings you more value in the company you are working for. Thus, with the MCSA Windows Server 2016 certification you’ll earn annually $84,244 on average, as per PayScale salary report.

How to Prepare for Exam 70-743 with Exam Dumps?

Any step that enhances your career opportunities is something you should take seriously. Surely, the Microsoft 70-743 exam preparation demands full attention from every candidate. That’s why you need to understand which resources can enable your mastering the test requirements you’re preparing to sit for. By selecting from the vendor-proposed expert-led training, online preparation or solid Microsoft Press publication for the test, you’ll be giving your revision the attention it requires.

One more way to ensure you go in depth is using reliable exam dumps is the ExamSnap website that can competently ensure you have everything required to study and pass your test. 

This website for IT tests’ preparation also has exam dumps for the Microsoft 70-743 exam inside its Premium Bundle or separately, in the Premium File containing 229 questions and answers for the test. That would act as a great boost to your revision. 

By practicing exam dumps at this platform, studying with its 34-lectures video course, and revising with the most voluminous 1740-page study guide, you’re going to get equipped with all the test contentneeded. Besides, ExamSnap gives you a chance to practice for your assessment using their easily downloadable free Microsoft 70-743 exam dumps.


Upgrading your skills makes it possible for you to attain the most previously unachievable career goals you can imagine. Thus, the Microsoft 70-743 exam is a key to making your career dreams come true. Passing it and earning your MCSA in Windows Server 2016 is what you should aim at to enjoy the benefits of the prolific IT sphere. 

By moving with the trends through availing of exam dumps, you’ll be demonstrating what your career means to you.

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