Why Playing the Lotto Online is the Smart Way to Play

Why Playing the Lotto Online is the Smart Way to Play

If you are still buying lottery tickets at the carry out, it’s time to stop. This is the way your parents played the lottery and the way their parents played the lottery. Recently, companies known as lottery messenger services have brought the world’s lotteries online so that players all over the globe can participate.

A lottery messenger service buys official lottery entries from authorized retailers on behalf of online players. The messenger service charges a small service fee for making the purchase. They then store the physical ticket and upload a scanned copy to the player’s account. In the event of a win, the messenger service collects and pays out the prize money, commission free.

While playing the lottery online with a lottery messenger service does come with a price premium there are added features and services that make the additional cost worth it. In short, playing the lottery online is the smart way to play.

The Choice is Yours

Once could argue that the biggest added benefit of online lottery play is choice. Players are not limited to what their local ticket sellers have to offer. While lotteries in the UK are not lacking for decent jackpots, they are not the biggest in the world, either. Consider this: the US Powerball set a jackpot world record in January 2016 of $1.6 billion (£1.18 billion at today’s rate). This past August, Powerball had its second highest jackpot of $758 million (£558 million).

The biggest lottery messenger service, theLotter, offers over fifty lotteries from all over the globe. It also offers results and information for over 80 global lotteries, arming players with all the information they need to find the lottery they’d like to play. Whether it’s lotteries with the big jackpots or those with the best winning odds, they’re all available online.

Collect All Your Prizes

Did you know the UK Lotto has a page for unclaimed prizes? At the time of this writing, there are five unclaimed £1 million prizes, one of which includes a free Florida vacation! Every year millions of pounds in prizes go uncollected for one reason or another.

Online lottery players will never have this problem. All wins, no matter how big or small, are collected by the lottery messenger service and passed on to the player. In the event of a jackpot win or second prize, the messenger service may even arrange for the player to collect their prize in person.

Know What You’re Spending

Online lottery players can see exactly how much they’re spending and winning while playing the lottery in their online account. Players can add spend limits to their accounts and even opt to self-exclude for a period of time. This valuable information can be used to ensure that playing the lottery stays fun and enjoyable and doesn’t become problematic.

Play as You’d Like

There are many different ways to play the lottery. In addition to the standard entry, there are of course lottery syndicates, typically made up of co-workers and friends. Beyond that, there are systematic entries in which player selects more numbers than will fit on a single line and then plays every single combination of those numbers. And there are others, still. More than being novelties, there are valid, mathematical reasons to play lottery entries other than the standard. Online lottery play makes these non-standard entries a cinch and allows players to select the entries that they wish to play.

When’s the Right Time to Play

If you’re thinking that playing the lottery is a complete waste of money, you might be surprised to learn that it makes financial sense to play the lottery when the jackpot is high enough. To find out when the time is right to buy a ticket you just need to follow this simple formula: Cost per Line < Jackpot Amount * Winning Odds. For example, when US Powerball hit $757 million in August the expected return per $2.00 line of Powerball was $2.59. If the cost per line is less than the jackpot amount times the winning odds, it’s time to buy a ticket.

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