Tracking Your Online Money Making

Tracking Your Online Money Making 1

Today we have a guest post from regular Money Shed user The Reverend who’s created a very simple to use spreadsheet for not only tracking your online money earnings but also shows you just how much you’ve earned doing our Monthly Earnings Challenge! 

A few people have asked on a forum I use how best to track their income from various money making activities they do. If you are just starting out on your money-making journey then there is certainly a benefit to keeping a track of the money you have coming in.

Download Easy Payment Tracker Excel Version

Download Easy Payment Tracker Google Sheets Version

For this tracker we have 4 columns.

Date = When payment received
Company = Who the payment came from
Payment Received = How much the payment is
Tax = What tax is owed (only two things in life are certain, death & taxes!)



For the Easy Payment Tracker I’ve added a few cool features.

1) At the top of the first tab there is a drop-down box to choose what your tax bracket is. It is set to zero for the tracker but you can choose 0%, 20%, 40% and 45%.
2) I’ve given 3 examples of how to fill the fields. You can hide these on the left of the screen by pressing the Square with the minus in it.
3) The company names can be typed in or filled in from a drop-down box.
4) If you take part in The Money Shed Monthly Money Making Challenge, You can add your targets to the section in Column K and each month’s total will automatically turn green once you’ve hit your target.

The ‘Easy Graphs’ tab is more just some fun facts and graphs for you fact and graph fans!

1) On the left hand side you start with a monthly bar chart showing money earned per month.
2) Next is a bar chart which shows how much money you earn from each company for t year.
3) The final chart on the left hand side is a pie-chart. It will show you easily which month has earned you the most out of all the money you’ve earned.
4) Columns Q & R show the companies you can earn from and the money they have earned you over the year. It is the basis of the drop-down boxes on the first tab.
5) Final chart is a stacked bar chart. It will show you your yearly total with each company separated out.

By tracking how much you get from each company it will help you to see where you can focus your attention and effort. It’s important to think about both of these as companies like ‘VYPR’ might earn you only £5 a month, however, this takes little work to get. Other companies like some survey sites require lots of time and interaction with little payoff.

Let me know what you think of my tracker and if there is anything else you’d like to see added to it!

What do you think?

Written by themoneyshed

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