How to earn money alongside playing Pokemon Go

How to earn money alongside playing Pokemon Go


So, Pokemon Go – if you haven’t at least heard about the new mobile sensation then you obviously live on a desert island where there’s no communications and have a football called Wilson as your only friend. Pokemon Go is the latest sensation getting kids and adults alike, up off the sofa, away from their games consoles and in to the great outdoors – where they continue to play a game. But they’re getting fresh air so it’s all good. As well as being great for health (increase in exercise, fresh air and vitamin D) Pokemon Go can also be good for your income – here I’ll give you a few ideas about making money playing Pokemon Go.

Mystery Shopping

Did you know that you can now do mystery shopping tasks on your phone? There are many apps out there that want you to snap a few pictures or answer a few questions and they will pay you for doing it. Field Agent, Roamler, Task360, Streetbees or iPoll often have regular tasks that you can do while you’re out finding your Pikachu or Meowth. Check out The Money Shed’s post “How to earn thousands with Field Agent, Roamler, Task360, BeMyEye etc” for more details about joining these companies.


So, you’ve got yourself a couple of eggs incubating but you’re not really in the mood to walk and hatch them…well what if that walk turned into gift cards? Bounts is an company who will reward you for getting out and exercising – all you do is sign up, download their app, download a monitoring app such as MapMyRun or grab yourself a FitBit and you’ll be rewarded for hatching your eggs (and they exercise obviously). Bounts have a wide range of vouchers including Argos, Toys R Us, Pizza Hut and more.


Trawling the carpark of your local supermarket is a great way to make a little extra. Places such as Asda and Sainsbury’s who offer money off your next shop or bonus points tend to have many of their receipts just discarded by shoppers who aren’t interested in saving a few pence on their next shop. If you spend an hour Pokemon Go-ing in the carpark you might find that those receipts soon add up.


Are you loving the levelling grind? Hit level 40 already? Well why don’t you set up another account, do it all again and sell that account on eBay; you could even offer your levelling services. A quick scan through the completed listings shows that there is a demand for this so if you really love getting out there and catching them, you might as well be paid for it.

Dog Walking

Canines everywhere are loving the fact they are clocking up so much walkies time – they don’t have a clue why but they now love whatever these Growlith or Magicarps are. If you like dogs, have some experience with them then why not offer to walk the neighbours or a family’s dog for £5-£10 a time. They get an hour’s worth of walks and you come home with 16 Ratatas, 7 Weedles, an Oddish and a Jinx.

Now, obviously you can’t make money actually playing the game directly and you have to be mindful of things like battery usage, transport costs and your actual time but if you’re planning on playing the game anyway then you might as well earn a little on the side. Check out how the guys over on The Money Shed are making the most of Pokemon Go here.

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