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Positive changes

Making resolutions at the beginning of the year is something many of us do. As the saying goes, ‘new year, new you’. It’s a positive thing because it shows that we’re looking to make improvements to our lives in some way.

Nevertheless, there are a couple of issues with resolutions. Firstly, many of us make the same resolutions every year and never seem to see it through. Weight loss goals are a prime example of this. Secondly, we often make goals that are difficult to track on a consistent basis. Being happier, for example, is a goal that’s hard to track and you can feel like you’ve failed if something understandably upsets you.

This isn’t to say that we shouldn’t make these goals. Far from it. However, it could be time to change the focus of our resolutions a little bit to make them more realistic and easily trackable. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Read More Books

Books are great because they suit a variety of goals. You can use them to learn about new things, relax with some fiction, and even use them as a kind of mindfulness meditation. 

However, if you’re going to set a goal related to reading then it’s worth being specific. Saying ‘I’m going to read more’ doesn’t really mean anything. Instead, you could set yourself smaller targets to read one book per week or month and so on.

Learn a New Skill

Learning something new is a great resolution because you can track your progress easily and will feel a great sense of accomplishment. You could decide to take on a new hobby that requires practice such as learning to play an instrument. 

Alternatively, a skill that improves your earning potential or broadens your knowledge could be the way to go. An example of this is learning a programming language by taking a Python course for beginners. The fact that you can now study this kind of course from the comfort of your own home makes learning easier than ever and, with an end goal in sight, you know you’re never far away from overall improvement.

Eat More Fruit and Vegetables

Long-term weight goals are great, but they can be frustrating at times and it’s difficult to see progress from day to day.

However, you could make a resolution to improve your overall health by increasing the amount of fruit and vegetables you eat. Having a specific goal also makes this easier. For example, you could commit to adding an extra portion of vegetables to one of your meals every day.

Not only will your overall health thank you for this, but you can tick off the achievement every single day and this can bring about positive vibes that leak into other areas of your life.

Ultimately, there are loads of resolutions that you can opt for that are trackable and will undoubtedly improve your life. If you’re feeling ready to get started, why not triple down and try all three of the above suggestions?  

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