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You may have noticed that the last year or two have been a little bit of a rollercoaster. With financial uncertainty, job insecurity, and the fear of price increases across the board, people started to hunt for an alternative way. The result? A massive uptake in trading. People began to realise that they could take more control over their financial futures and explored how they could do this with the stock market.

Once a haven for the rich, developments have begun to see trading opening up to the masses. With social media posts driving the interest in this area, many jumped in with little to no experience. This led to novices losing substantial sums of money.

Getquin was launched in 2020 on the back of all of this activity and interest. As an app, it acts as a portfolio tracker and offers a social network for investors. Getquin aims to inspire and help you to manage your investments. Does this portfolio tracker deliver? Let’s take a look.

What does Getquin have to offer?

GetQuin App Review

As a portfolio tracker, Getquin comes with a host of useful tools that make trading easier. Some of the main features that you will find in the app include:

The ability to connect and monitor your existing portfolio 

If you already have a portfolio, Getquin can bring all of your investments together and let you see how they are performing. Your dashboard will allow you to see the regions assess classes, and sectors that you have invested in so that you have an instant overview. You can also create watchlists meaning that you can keep a watchful eye on opportunities with potential.

See real-time developments and access financial news

Monitoring financial news can be time-consuming. To be honest, it can also be a little tedious at times given that much that is put out there is not relevant to you as an investor. That’s why Getquin provides you with personalised news that is relevant to your investing habits.

Buy ETFs, stocks, and crypto from your broker

It only takes a few clicks to buy your personal ETF portfolio. As well as making investing accessible, Getquin likes to keep things simple too. What’s more, you can use a broker of your choice with well-known names such as Trading212 and Etoro being featured. 

The chance to learn

The Getquin portfolio tracker also offers investors the chance to learn. There is a range of videos, podcasts and blogs to let you learn more about finance and investing. There is even the chance to learn from experts and influencers who share their strategies. This is a great way to find more success with your own investing and trading. 

The support you need to create a portfolio 


If you’re new to the world of investing and trading, perhaps you’d benefit from a little help and support. Getquin offers to take you by the hand and help you to build your first ETF portfolio. You let Getquin know what you are trying to achieve and it will then help you achieve your goals.

The Getquin community

Getquin is much more than a portfolio tracker. It is also a social network that brings investors together. Getquin aims to build a global online community of investors with different backgrounds and different experience levels. Benefits of the Getquin social network community include:

The chance to be inspired

By creating your own profile you can become part of the social network. This allows you to follow friends, family, and known investors. You can do more than just follow though: the Getquin app also allows you to interact. You are able to comment on trades and stocks and see the opinion of others. The community aspect sees investing becoming inclusive and interactive rather than being a lone activity.

Find new opportunities 

Being part of a social network that creates such an engaged community means that you are given the chance to find new investing opportunities. You can get an insight into the stocks and ETFs that are being traded by the top performers in the community. You can see which stocks and ETFs are gaining popularity with the community and analysts and you can even search for new ETFs and stocks that are trending.

Is Getquin safe to use?

When looking to grow a portfolio and to trade, you need to be sure that you are in a safe environment. Over 80,000 users in Germany, where this portfolio tracker originates, will attest to the fact that it is safe to use. We have also checked out the online reviews that exist, and users are full of praise for what is on offer here.

Aside from user reviews and the number of existing users it is also worthy of note that Getquin takes your data privacy seriously. The latest encryption methods are used to keep your information secure and Getquin itself does not share any of your data unless it falls under the need to know principle. This social network for investors has created a reputation for itself where it is trusted and has grown to the stage where it is now supported in 120 countries around the world.

Is Getquin right for me?

If you are interested in trading and investing then the chances are that this social network is right for you. What is really appealing when it comes to the portfolio tracker on offer is that it is free to use. Getquin has no intention of changing this either now or in the future. The ability to track your portfolios all in one place, free of charge, certainly holds great appeal.

This Getquin social network is also ideal if you are looking at growing your knowledge. The active community is what makes this offering stand out from the crowd alongside the educational videos, blogs, and podcasts that are easily accessed. What Getquin has achieved is an environment where the everyday man and woman can get involved in investing: it provides a platform that goes a long way to remove uncertainty and gives its users confidence. The best way to see if Getquin is right for you is to give it a try. With no costs involved, what have you got to lose? 

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