Automotive Business: Revolution in the Tyre Industry

Tyre Industry

Technology is currently cresting an immense wave of advancement that will most likely see these decades called the ‘technological revolution’ in much the same way that the industrial revolution is known now for being a period when agriculture was transformed. However, the technological revolution is creeping into every aspect of life, from our social lives to medicine to the automotive industry. Even something as niche as the tyre industry has been radically changed by technological advances.


Having computers involved at almost every stage of the automotive industry has led to greater vehicle safety. Not only can machines perform the same task over and over, much quicker than a person can, robots can tighten screws and rivets more firmly and will perform each job to exactly the same specifications as the one before, so all the car parts and tyres will be as close to absolutely uniform as it is possible to get which is excellent for safety – any product that is weaker than the others will almost inevitably fail at some point. This is especially true of tyres which are the support and driving force behind any vehicle. As only a small part of each tyre is touching the road surface at any time, it is important that the whole tyre is in good condition – the smallest flaw will be magnified and weaknesses in the tyre wall will quickly display themselves. The tyre industry adapted, using technology to improve the manufacture, fitting and maintenance of tyres. Now you can order tyres online to enhance the performance of your car with Jet Wheel Tyre.


Before the ready advent of computers, tyres were fitted by mechanics that used their (admittedly practiced) eyes to check that the tyres were properly in place. Wheel balancing and alignment too were largely a matter of judging it by eye and feel. Today, computers can assess the fit of your tyres to the nearest nanometre – so precisely, in fact, that it would be impossible for a human to achieve the feat. Not only that, but the computer can do it in a second or two. Wheel balancing refers to the art of having each of the four tyres take an equal share of the car’s weight, while alignment refers to the direction in which the wheels are pointing. It only takes a moment’s thought to understand why correct alignment is important: if the tyres are pulling or pushing against each other, the strain will be horrendous, accumulating over time into noticeable wear and tear on the tyres, the axles and the chassis. Computerised alignment and balancing is quick and easy, with the computer able to suggest exact placement in seconds.


Legal compliance with road rules and regulations are easier than ever to adhere to. You do not have to use a 20-pence piece to see if your tread measurement is legal: a device will measure it to the precise tenth of a millimetre and even let you know approximately how many miles of safe driving you have left. With technology able to measure more precisely on a microscopic scale, it is easier than ever to know exactly how safe – or not – our cars are.

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