Saving money while dressing for work

Saving money while dressing for work


Starting a new job and having to invest in new work clothes, or needing to replace some older work clothes, may cost more than you initially expected it to. Thankfully, workwear suppliers such as Simon Jersey specialise in providing affordable and high-quality uniform options.

Whether you’re on a particularly strict budget, or you’re simply looking to reduce the amount you spend, what sort of things should you keep in mind to save money on your work clothes?

Keeping style simple

The main focuses of your uniform should be balancing your own comfort alongside looking professional to customers at all times.

However, that isn’t to say that striking a balance has to be expensive. There are a variety of clothing solutions that could function perfectly as your work uniform without being expensive.

For example, you could consider a cotton polo shirt in the colours of your company’s brand alongside a pair of trousers made from a cotton / polyester mix, which helps keep them light and breathable throughout the tough shifts in fast-paced industries, such as nursing or catering.

Consistency through the working week

One way you can save money on your work uniform is by choosing a small handful of clothes that will be the core of your uniform each day.

Pick out enough clothes to keep you comfortable all throughout the year. You could choose, for example, three short sleeve polo shirts for the warmer periods, and another three long sleeve button-up shirts for the colder periods alongside. One fleece, if needed, and one pair of sturdy work shoes should complete the ensemble.

Giving yourself a specific number on the amount of clothes you’ll have for work can help stop your expenses getting out of hand and stops you paying more than you had originally planned or budgeted for.

Long term savings

Looking to buy only the highest-quality clothing could be a great way to drive down your overall uniform budget. Depending on what sort of clothing you go for, or where you choose to find your clothing solutions, the price may vary a little.

However, spending a little more initially can still save you money. While reducing the costs of a work uniform is always a good idea, there may be a risk of the clothing being more susceptible to wear and tear over time.

Spending a little more will give you the peace of mind and knowledge that your work clothes will last you for a long time. That means you won’t need to spend more money replacing them several months down the line, and you’ll save money in the long term thanks to the extra early spend.

By keeping considerations such as these in mind while you’re putting together your work uniform, you’re sure to be left with a professional and high-quality work uniform that doesn’t break the bank and lasts you through the toughest of shifts for a long time to come.


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