Saving Money on Signage for Your Business

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Every business needs different marketing types to help them raise awareness of their brand and signpost people who need their products and services to the right place. Marketing can come in many different forms and styles. For small businesses, there is the added pressure of making sure that every pound spent on marketing is used effectively and hits the market right where it needs to.

After all, if your marketing isn’t working, you may as well be throwing away your money. A great way to market your business is via the use of signage. Signage can help you advertise your business and give people something to look out for when searching for your company. Be it a retail store, warehouse or fast food outlet. Getting your signage right can be a great way to advertise your business.

When discussing ways to save money on signage, there are a few things you need to think carefully about before committing to specific signage.

What Type of Signage Do You Need?

Are you looking for window posters, temporary signage for pop up stalls and exhibitions, or do you need an illuminated sign for your storefront? Illuminated signage for a permanent fixture can help your business stand out and easily promote your company 24/7. Illuminated signage is beneficial for companies who operate over longer time periods or overnight. It will help your business stand out amongst the crowd and be seen by everyone who goes past it.

What Does Your Signage Say?

You need a clear and concise design that is eye catching. Different designs can translate differently when using them on different sizes and materials. A good design will utilise your company name and be unfussy with fewer elements. For example, if you choose a location for your signage that motorists primarily use, they will have less time to take in the sign, and the need for clarity becomes more apparent. 

If your signage is overcomplicated, it could detract from what you are trying to achieve and will cost you more in the long run in redesigning and loss of custom.

Placement of your Signage

The placement of your signage is just as important as the information on it. If you need signs around your medical practice, you want them to be placed in waiting areas and corridors to maximise their efficiency. If you are an office-based company, then utilising the wall area for clear signage promoting your company and directions to the different department can help boost your profile and accessibility.

For retail businesses, locating signage space on high streets and in high traffic areas can boost your visibility, placing signage on vehicles and even menu boards outside your premises to catch people’s attention.

If you want to attract people who pass by, display a window film promo signage next to some sale items. These are cheap billboard alternatives frequently used by retail stores for seasonal sales.

Ultimately, the best way to save money on signage is to be specific and explicit in what the signs say and place the signs to maximise your investment returns. You want to make sure you use your signs to create as much visibility for your company as possible in a way that will keep bringing in new customers with as little added input from you over time.

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