Saving money when working with leaflets

Saving money when working with leaflets

It goes without saying that every business has a running cost somewhere, whether it is buying in stock, paying staff or building your website. So trying to minimise your outgoing costs is always at the forefront of any business owner’s mind. Some costs are a must, some of them can be negotiated and others can be completely scrapped. One way of saving your business a few quid is by looking at your business leaflets.

Firstly, leaflets can be a very pricey part of your business as you have to design them, print them and then find a way to distribute them – eventually all these costs add up. Designing the leaflets can cost hundreds of your budget if you decide to go to a professional designer to get them done, instead you could look to see if someone within your company has any design skills or try using a site such as Fiverr.

Once you have the design then printing companies like Vistaprint offer high quality printing for low costs, especially if you buy in bulk. They quite often have sales on where you can get your products at a lower price or you might find a voucher code floating around, even leaving your order in your basket can prompt them to send you out a discount code in the hope you’ll finish your order.

There is always the option to combine the designing and printing, some companies will design your product and then print it, sending the finished item straight to you – cutting out the need for dealing with multiple companies. This can save time as well as money.

Then there is the distribution – this can eat a huge chunk out of your budget. You have the option of dropping leaflets off at local businesses, doctor’s surgeries, leisure centres but there is no guarantee that anyone will read them. The best way to get your leaflets seen is to have them dropped through people’s letterboxes but hiring enough people to do so could be very time consuming and expensive. You could hire a few people for a one time drop off but then you need to be able to trust them to do the dropping off (and not just put them in the nearest bin) Using a site such as Direct Letterbox Marketing can save you a lot of time, and ultimately a lot of money. You tell them what you want delivering and they tell you where to drop them off (a local delivery office), they then handle the distribution and payment of their staff, they even do a follow up call for you to insure your leaflets were all delivered. This frees up your time, leaving you to go about your business.

The best thing when it comes to needing to do your leaflets is to shop around, don’t compromise quality for price but at the same time don’t assume expensive means quality – find the right balance. Leaflets are a powerful business tool so if you’re going to do them then make sure you get it right.

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