Why SeaWorld Orlando offers experiences you can’t get elsewhere

When it comes to things to do in Orlando, there’s no escaping the fact that SeaWorld is a must-do. Yes, there may be theme parks and other attractions nearby but I can guarantee that none of them even come close to what’s on offer here.

The thing is, SeaWorld really does cater for everyone. Whether you’re looking for thrills, wanting to get closer to nature or even just finding great ways to chill out, SeaWorld really does have you covered. I want to share with exactly what makes this destination so great. I’m going to be letting you know all that you need to about SeaWorld itself as well as the other two parks: Aquatica and Discovery Cove. By the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll want to ensure that this makes it to the top of your list for your next holiday destination.


SeaWorld itself is a pretty amazing place. One of the things that makes it so great is that you can cover a lot of ground in a single day. While other attractions may take days (or even weeks) to get around, you can see the majority of what SeaWorld has to offer in a single day. That’s not to say you won’t want to come back though. Once you’ve experienced all that’s on offer here, you’ll want to come back as many times as possible.

SeaWorld has plenty to offer to an array of people. While some of the rides simply terrified me, it’s fair to say that there’s plenty on offer here for thrill seekers, but there’s also a great deal on offer for those who are looking for animal experiences. Let’s take a look at just what SeaWorld has:

Seeking thrills

While SeaWorld is certainly famous for its animals, it’s equally as famous for the number of rides. The thing is, these aren’t just any old rides: these are rides that are made for those who are seeking out the ultimate thrill. The variety of white knuckle rides, that take you closer and closer to the edge of the water, simply can’t be matched by any other park in Orlando.

Just some of the top rides that you’ll find include:

  • Kraken – Part of SeaWorld since 2000, this ride has a theme centred around the mythical sea creature. However, what makes this ride truly terrifying is the fact that it’s a flourless rollercoaster
  • Manta – A personal favourite, this is another rollercoaster, but this time the whole experience is ‘enjoyed’ as you’re laid on your back
  • Ice Breaker – SeaWorld is proud of the fact that this coaster boasts Florida’s steepest vertical drop, at 93 feet tall and with a 100-degree angle

With the sea being a major theme, unsurprisingly, you can also expect an array of rides and experiences that lead to you getting just a little wet!

The animal experience

SeaWorld just wouldn’t be SeaWorld with its amazing array of awe-inspiring animals. The experience here is one that you just can’t find anywhere else as you are given the opportunity to see the world through the animal’s eyes.

Puck the Penguin allows you to make your way over to a clone of penguins while there is also the opportunity to take a peek at what goes on at the manatee rehabilitation centre. If you still want more, you can add the rescue sea turtle experience to your list and hear all about the issues they face as they try and come back from their endangered status.


What’s on offer at Aquatica is a little different to what you’ll find at SeaWorld. Trying to decide which one I prefer is an all but impossible task. The reality is that neither is necessarily better than the other: they just do different things. One thing that is for sure, is that Aquatica caters for the whole family and there’s plenty to keep the kids and adults entertained.

So, let’s take a look at what Aquatica is all about:

There’s still time to be thrilled

Yes, it’s different, but Aquatica still has plenty to offer any thrill-seekers out there. It’s a place where you’ll hear almost endless screams as visitors take to super-sized slides and experience plunges that are almost heart-stopping.

For me, the scariest experience here had to be Breakaway Falls. This is the steepest multi-drop tower in Orlando and as the floor beneath you gives way you plummet 40 feet before then coming down the water slide at high speed. Scary? Yes. Fun? Definitely. In fact, I’d still go back and do this one again.

Relax and unwind

If the adrenaline rush starts to get a little too much, it’s good to know that there are plenty of opportunities to experience a bit of chill-out time. You’ll find yourself almost in a trance-like state as you take in the white sandy beaches and enjoy all that the winding rivers have to offer.

There’s the chance to layout on the sand and take the pace right down. You can even hop into an inflatable ring and enjoy a leisurely float as you take in the sights of the stunning tropical fish.

Animal encounters

Aquatica may not have the same number of animal experiences as you’ll find at SeaWorld, but what’s here is still more than just a little impressive. As we’ve seen, one of the options is simply to leisurely float as you take in the beauty of the tropical fish, but there’s more to enjoy too.

The Dolphin Plunge sees you being propelled through a clear underwater tube. This runs straight through the habitat of these amazing playful dolphins. Well known for their intelligence, dolphins are also extremely playful and you’ll witness them racing you to the finish line.

Discovery Cove

If waterfalls, sandy beaches, and rocky lagoons are your thing, you’ll love Discovery Cove as much as I did. Famous for its dolphin encounters, this is a park where visitor numbers are capped to ensure that everything stays calm and relaxed.

Before I get into what you can expect to find at Discovery Cove, there’s something that I think that you really should know about tickets. What makes SeaWorld as a whole quite so amazing is the value for money that it represents. Nowhere else can you experience quite so much for such a small admission charge. Where the value for money gets even better is at Discovery Cove: by buying a ticket here, you also get 14 days access to SeaWorld and Aquatica. That’s pretty amazing value.

Anyway, let’s look at what Discovery Cove is all about:

Getting in on the action

Discovery Cove has plenty to do for those who are looking for an action-packed experience. There’s the opportunity to scuba and snorkel and get close to some stunning animals. Now, you’re not going to find rides here that make your heart feel like it’s going to explode, but that’s because Discovery Cove is about a completely different type of experience. This is an area that’s calm and scream-free, and as you read the next section you’ll appreciate why,

It’s all about the dolphins

This is the park that is famous for the dolphin encounters that are on offer. The opportunity is there to get right up close and enjoy some truly amazing time with one of the most intelligent, and amusing animals, that exist.

For me, the dolphins were everything and I truly don’t believe that any experience can ever match that. However, there’s still more to enjoy here. You can snorkel and find yourself surrounded by literally thousands of tropical fish, or you may choose to experience the playful freshwater otters.

And relax

You won’t find scenes much more beautiful than the ones that you’ll find at Discovery Cove. You can sit back and enjoy floating through stunning coves. You may choose just to marvel at the splendour of the tropical settings. You might even decide to take a stroll along the beach.

The truth is, this place is made for relaxation. Make the most of it while you can.

And, still, there’s more

If what you’ve read so far isn’t quite enough, SeaWorld still has one other, rather special, touch. How would you feel about coming along, with the family, and being able to walk down Sesame Street? Well, that’s exactly what you can do and you get to meet, and interact, with all of your favourite characters too.

This is just another amazing touch that shows the commitment to creating an experience that is for all of the family.

Final thoughts

I hope that you can see just how amazing SeaWorld really is. Trying to do it justice in such few words is difficult, to say the least, but I hope that it’s at least given you an appetite to get out there and try this stunning destination for yourself.

The best in thrills, the most amazing animal encounters, all combined with some great ways to relax. Add to that the fact that it’s great value for money, and what else can you ask for?

What do you think?

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