Should Students Consider Blogging as a Secondary Source of Income?

Should Students Consider Blogging as a Secondary Source of Income?

Blogging is beneficial for students in many ways. It’s an excellent way to hone a student’s writing skills and train their creative muscle. With a little extra effort and organization, blogging can not only be fun but also become a reliable secondary source of income. 

A student’s blog can be a personal diary full of vivid life experiences, or a niche-targeted money-making scheme. Regardless, blogging is all about practice and persistence – and that’s where the student benefits most. 

Blogging Makes Students Better Writers

Blogging is an excellent way for students to improve several crucial skills needed for college. In college, you will write essays, reflections, exam questions, and plenty of homework assignments. 

The student who writes blogs regularly will always have an advantage when it comes to writing assignments. Being able to synthesize present information cohesively is a skill which needs constant sharpening – and that’s where blogging students have the upper hand. 

Blogging Boosts Creativity and Critical Thinking

Coming up with fresh content and ideas is a process that may require analyzing competitors, trends, and doing some brainstorming. Creating new content requires solid critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Seasoned bloggers will find creative ways to express their vision through their content. Student blogs shine with creativity and individuality, and not only through writing but visuals as well. Not to mention that creative practices train the brain to ‘connect dots’ faster, which is a valuable asset for every student. 

Setting Up a Blog is Easy

Setting up a blog means finding a balance between passion and niche. Pick a niche that you would enjoy writing about. Some popular niches are fashion, celebrities, technology, fitness, and food.

After you find your niche, find 10-20 blogs that stick out for you and analyze them. Look at their content, the keywords they use and the ways they make money. After examining these blogs, you can set up your own with a free service like WordPress – it’s super easy! 

Offer Services or Sell a Product

Top blog sites like International Living or Copyblogger offer subscription-based services. Blogs can have all kinds of paid services like SEO services or a professional essay writing service. Providing a paid service on your blog is a guaranteed way to make money fast.

Additionally, many bloggers will sell products like ebooks, plugins, or anything related to their niche. For example, many music blogs sell books with notations and musical theory. Famous YouTubers like PewDiePie sell expensive high-end merch and donate most of their income to charity. 

Affiliate Marketing and Ads

Ever seen those posts on Instagram which say ‘enter the promo code EXAMPLE and get a discount?’ That’s affiliate marketing – and it’s the number one way to make money with blogs. 

Retailers write to bloggers all the time, asking them to promote their product. If the blogger generates sales or traffic to the retailer’s website – they get paid. Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to make money. Keep in mind that this is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme; it’s a long-term practice that pays off. 

Ads and Paid Reviews

If the blog already has a following, it’s time to place banner ads. Ads make blogs money through impressions or clicks. If a hundred readers visit the advertised website by clicking the ad on your blog, you get paid. 

An even quicker way to make money with a blog is by writing paid reviews. Companies release hundreds of new apps every week. They turn to bloggers to help them generate traffic and spread a positive word about their product. Keep in mind that both ads and paid reviews might require your blog to have a small following already. 


Setting up a blog and monetizing it is relatively easy. Every student will benefit from blogging in different ways. Blogging can help become a better writer through practice; it can train creative muscles and critical thinking skills. All of these factors are incredibly beneficial to college students. And if you can have fun and make some money in the process, why not? 

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