Sports Betting As An Investment – Is It Feasible?

ports Betting As An Investment

Sports betting is a pastime enjoyed by millions of punters worldwide. However, not everyone sees this ageless kind of entertainment as a simple “pastime”. Many punters take a professional approach to the activity, while others consider it a kind of investment. How come? Keep reading and find out.

Taking Fun Seriously

Those who only occasionally bet on their favourite teams could be surprised that many specialists compare sports betting with the stock market. Both types enjoy playing futurology with numbers and succeed almost as often as they fail.

A professional punter has nothing to do with an occasional fan. First, professional punters would never mind betting against their times. Also, they read everything they can about the sports and teams they bet on.

Punters and investors rely on graphics and statistics to predict the next tide turn. Indeed professional punters know so much about their business that they can tell profitable odds from risky ones.

Knowledge Is Money

Those who want to engage with sports betting more professionally must get acquainted with a long list of terms and concepts. Also, it’s necessary to study rules, teams, stats, transactions, injuries, etc. Does Team A play well when not at home? Does that athlete perform well on rainy days? How is that other athlete recovering from that injury?

These and many other factors come into play in an educated decision-making process. Still, placing winning bets consistently is very difficult. Also, it takes time to master different aspects of a match, like matchups between coaches or specific players. Such knowledge can also lead to the kind of bet that is potentially more profitable.

Playing for Real

Sports betting has reached new heights in the United States after several favourable decisions from the Supreme Court. The green light to this industry gave way to the creation of hedge fund-like companies to assist a new market of punters.

According to the co-founder of Sporttrade, Alexander Kane, sports betting is set to become a new asset class. In fact, he expects that this kind of bet will become part of a diversified investment portfolio in the future.

Startups like Sporttrade mix sports betting with day-trading features, using live bets. This startup has created a platform that updates the odds while a match is still happening making it easy for you when using for placing bets. Moreover, it allows punters to exchange their own bets, like stocks. Consider Team A, which starts the match as an underdog but increases its winning chances during the game.

Those who bet on it before the match can now sell their bets for better prices and profit from them even if Team A actually loses. Such a format creates quite a few possibilities in terms of investment. There are also mutual funds for sports betting, which are more suitable for longer-term investments.

Investing in Sportsbooks


The sports betting market crossed the 76 billion mark last year, and it’s set to grow until the end of this decade. Such optimism seems to derive from the steep rise in the number of bettors joining the trend. Over 80% of the world’s population has a smartphone today; mobile internet is also widespread. It’s possible to place live bets in almost every game, anywhere.

New sportsbooks seem to reach the market daily, and giants from the sector are also listed in the stock market. Such a prosperous moment is also fueling the creation of startups, coming up with new solutions for the sector, like new ways of betting and also new ways of interaction between punters. So, there’s more than one way to invest in sports betting.

Follow the Pros

If you’re planning to go deeper into sports betting, you’ll need a strategy. Don’t worry; you can learn a lot from observing more experienced players in action. Strategies may vary from one punter to another, and researching different kinds of strategies can also be very useful. Still, here are four things that all pros have in common. Learn more about them below. 

Data, Data, Data

All your decisions should be backed up by the best data available. It means checking stats like home-vs-away kind of results, as well as a matchup between teams, coaches, and other players. Statistics can’t win a game, but the tip is about the most and least probable results. Also, check weather conditions, possible injuries and comments from players, coaches or managers.

Don’t Always Go With the Flow

Odds don’t always tell the whole story. After careful research, you may come up with a different opinion regarding favourites and underdogs. It means you can be on the losing side and make more money out of it. Less hyped matches also tend to have more favourable odds for those willing to bet against the favourites.

Bankroll Management

Effective and responsible betting is about strict bankroll management. Managing the bankroll means knowing how much to spend and when to spend. Typically, professional punters prefer to place small bets on a wide range of markets. Moreover, they never spend it all at once; they plan their budget weekly or monthly.


There’s no need to make it into a full-time job, but some consistency is required for successful betting. Betting occasionally will hardly count as an investment and also won’t offer returns like an investment. Moreover, consistency builds practice, which returns better results.

Playing Carefully

These funds claim to employ top-notch specialists and algorithms to predict the outcome of a match, as well as their own profit. However, investing in such funds isn’t like investing in a company. Several of such funds went belly-up after failing to deliver to-good-to-be-true results. Above all, it’s not advisable to bet too high on this market. Still, the volatility implied in sports betting is something that players in the stock market are well familiar with.

At the end of the day, sports betting is still much more volatile than most companies listed in the stock market. So, rule number one is never risk more than you can afford to lose. While a listed company such as Microsoft and the likes won’t simply vanish, entire fortunes can be lost betting on the wrong horses. How do we avoid such a fate? Not betting entire fortunes.

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