The Best Italian Summer Destinations

The best Italian Summer Destinations

It’s coming to that time of year where we’re all dreaming of travel experiences with family and friends. Whether it’s relaxing on a beach, exploring historic locations, dining on some of the world’s greatest food and drink, or looking for the perfect backdrop for your next Instagram selfie, Italy has it all.

Below you’ll find a brief guide to some of the most wonderful travel destinations that Italy has to offer. However, if you’re looking to get the most out of your trip or are looking for hints and tips then there are a variety of discount guides available at The Works.

Amalfi Coast and Capri

If it’s scenery you’re looking for then you’ll find it in abundance on the Amalfi Coast. Located to the south of Naples, the Amalfi Coast boasts lush green, high mountain ranges along with quirky local towns that will allow you to soak in the culture in no time at all.

Whether you’re looking for somewhere simple and affordable to rest your head or a luxurious escape, you’ll be well catered for here. Take a challenging hike via the Path of the Gods, hire a boat for a few hours to soak up the sunshine, or treat yourself to some delicious seafood. The possibilities are vast in this beautiful region.


Sicily is all about nature and history. The largest of the Italian islands, it boasts a treasure trove of experiences for you to enjoy. You can spend some time visiting Etna, the largest of three active volcanoes in Italy, or learn about the history of the land by visiting the archaeological sites of Agrigento. 

If you’re looking to unwind then Sicily could be the perfect match for you with its stunning coastal beaches. For the thrill seekers out there, you’re also covered with activities such as windsurfing and challenging trekking excursions. Let’s also not forget that Sicily is now a popular destination for golf fanatics around the world.


Sardinia is a must-see for beach lovers. The island’s coast boasts many coves and beaches that will leave you wanting to revisit again and again. One of the biggest attractions here is how clear the water is meaning you can grab a snorkel and enjoy crystal clear experiences under the water.

Sardinia has loads going on to keep you entertained. You could enjoy a subset dinner overlooking the ocean, taste test some of the world’s greatest wines, explore the local vineyards, or engulf yourself in the history of the local towns and buildings.

Lake Como

Love is in the air at Lake Como with backdrops that will take your breath away. Here, you’ll be able to explore quirky villages, luscious gardens, and will find yourself in awe of the mountainous landscape.

To put Lake Como into perspective, you only need to know that it’s good enough for James Bond himself with parts of Casino Royale filmed in this location. You can spend time walking around the beautiful area, take a boat tour, and sample food that you won’t be in a hurry to forget.


If you’re interested in an authentic Italian experience to last a lifetime then Tuscany is certainly a place to consider. With rural landscapes and stunning scenery, you’ll spend hours with your camera capturing moments of bliss among hill towns, valleys, and vineyards. 

Spend some time enjoying a vast array of contemporary art, dining on delicious food in the local restaurants, or visiting the local markets. If you’re interested in wine then prepare your palate for a taste sensation.  

All the above options boast features that most people will enjoy. Italy is certainly a place to create lifelong memories and you can get the most of it by planning with a guide from The Works.

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