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Online casino bonuses are everywhere that you look. As casinos vie for your business, the bonuses seem to get more and more generous. When looking at what makes a good online casino experience, there is no getting away from the fact that bonuses play a major part in this.

One of the most popular casino games, both online and at land-based casinos, is roulette. The best roulette sites come with bonuses that are well worth snapping up and they provide one of the best ways to keep yourself entertained online. Let’s take a look at some of these casino bonuses and which ones are going to make your roulette experience even better.

The most popular online casino bonus

When you take the time to explore online casinos, and the bonuses that they offer, you will soon see that there is a slight problem when it comes to roulette fans – everyone wants to give you free spins. The issue is that we’re not talking about free spins of the wheel. We’re talking free spins on slots. Now, slots are extremely popular so no one can criticise a casino that is offering free spins as a bonus. It is just that they don’t offer anything for fans of roulette. 

When you look at French Roulette and European Roulette, with RTPs of 98.65% and 98.37% respectively, you can see why some casinos may be a little reluctant to offer roulette bonuses. There is a great chance that players are going to benefit from these and leave the casino out of pocket. That being said, that doesn’t mean that all casinos avoid them. 

The types of online roulette bonuses

Ignoring the free spins that are often up for grabs, here are the online casino bonuses that you can take advantage of when spinning the roulette wheel:

Welcome bonuses

These may be referred to as a welcome bonus, a signup bonus, or a registration bonus. These are all the same thing and they are offered as a way to attract new players to a casino. As they are looking at bringing in new players, you can expect these bonuses to be particularly generous. 

You may be offered a matched deposit bonus when you join a new casino. These will, as the name suggests, match the deposit that you make, Common offers are the likes of 100% matched deposit up to £100 meaning that by depositing £100 you’ll be rewarded with another £100 to play roulette and other games with. There are also no deposit bonuses available although though these will generally offer free spins for slot fans.

Reload offers

The best roulette sites (fair & UK regulated) aren’t just about new customers. It seems a little unfair that roulette fans could be given a great welcome bonus and then all but ignored. This is where reload bonuses are your friend.

Although these bonuses aren’t usually as high as the welcome ones, they still offer roulette fans bonus funds to play with. These come by making additional deposits and the casino offering to match them. These bonus funds can usually be enjoyed on a range of online casino games including, of course, roulette. 

VIP programmes

If you’re serious about playing online roulette and possibly enjoy other casino games too, there are some great bonuses to be had by becoming a VIP. Some casinos will see you being able to apply to their programmes while with others you’ll have to wait for an invite. The key here is to be seen to be playing consistently while also gambling responsibly.

Once you are  VIP, you will find that the bonuses are more generous. Not only will you have access to better bonuses, but you will also find that you have high wagering limits and will be able to withdraw your winnings even faster.

Are there any watch-outs for roulette bonuses? 

When it comes to choosing the right roulette bonus for you, one of the key things to watch out for is the wagering requirements. There are some bonuses that have no wagering requirements but is more common to see these attached to your offer.

Wagering requirements are displayed such as 35x. This means that you have to wager through the bonus funds 35x before you can withdraw any winnings. Some requirements will relate only to the bonus funds whereas others will also relate to your initial deposit. Finding the lowest possible wagering requirements will lead to the best value roulette bonuses. 

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