The financial cost of sexual performance

financial cost of sexual performance

According to the NHS, around 1 in 10 men have regular problems relating to sexual performance and that around half of men will have experienced some form of issues before they are middle aged. Usually, these problems fall under the categories of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and even a loss of sex drive. One of the difficulties that men have is identifying the problem they are facing as there are many reasons for sexual performance issues. However, the good news is that there are also plenty of different treatment options to help address the problem.

Reasons for Sexual Performance Issues

Whether you’re straight, gay, bisexual, or transgender, it can be difficult when sexual performance issues arise. Identifying the specific problem that you have is the first thing you need to do because you can then start to find solutions.

  • Erectile Dysfunction – When a man has erectile dysfunction, he cannot get or keep an erection for long enough to take part in sexual activity. This can be caused by medical issues such as heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure, but can also be due to alcohol or drug consumption, and even everyday life stresses.
  • Premature Ejaculation – This is when a man ejaculates before he wants to and can again be caused by issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, and so on.
  • Loss of Sex Drive – This is when a person has a reduced interest in sexual activity and can be caused by medication, stress, anxiety, and other medical conditions.

How to Fix Sexual Performance Issues

The solution to sexual performance issues will depend on the underlying cause. If you’re feeling stressed or anxious then daily meditation and mindfulness can help to provide relief. Likewise, if you’re worried about something then simply speaking to your partner could help to resolve any issues.

For issues like erectile dysfunction, there are medications available such as Tadalafil, but you’ll need to speak to a doctor beforehand in order to get a prescription. Sadly, some men don’t feel comfortable enough to book an appointment with a doctor, but there are other ways to go about it. For example, you could speak to an online doctor at Online Pharmacy, who will be able to help assess your current situation and prescribe medications online if necessary.

Saving Money on Sexual Performance

Reducing stress and anxiety or seeking treatment for mental health issues is a great way to save money on sexual performance. However, medication will sometimes be the best option and seeking advice from a doctor will help in this regard. Using an online pharmacy can help to keep costs down by ordering in bulk so it’s worth weighing up the costs over a standard prescription.

Ultimately, there can be plenty of reasons for sexual performance issues and it’s important to address the underlying cause before turning to medication. If you have tried stress reduction and other free treatment options, then you should consult your doctor who will be able to advise further and provide the best course of action.

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