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The Secrets of Trading the UK Stock Market

Trading the UK Stock Market

Are you a beginner to the UK stock market? Or maybe you’re an experienced trader that wants to add to your skillset and confidence to navigate the stock market successfully?

Trading appeals to many people because of the freedom it can offer. It is especially prevalent now that younger people have more issues with finance than those before them. Living costs have risen more than wages over the past few decades, and housing costs even more so. Living through the 2008 financial crash showed people how reckless banks could be with their investments and has encouraged a generation of new traders. 

However, many people look for short term wins and over 90% actually end up losing money on trading. If you want to fully commit to a process that will allow you to become a successful trader, then this article is for you. 

Michael Taylor, founder of Shifting Shares, and author of ‘How To Make Six Figures in Stocks’ and ‘Ten Habits of Highly Profitable Traders’, has been trading since 2015, and has learned from his mistakes, now enjoying great success since becoming a full time trader in 2016. He is a well-read journalist writing for ‘Investors Chronicle’, ‘Money Week’, and many more publications. Michael has shared his insights into the world of trading, offering others everything he has learned, in writing, on his website and in books, but also on stage for large conferences, such as TEDx. 

He believes in helping others and sharing knowledge. He has actively written on avoiding scams and is keen to highlight that trading is not for everyone. He acknowledges that trading is tough, requires effort, and that most people simply don’t want or can’t commit to the time required for success. However, he believes his course can help anyone who is seriously looking to learn to trade UK stocks.

UK Stock Trading Course

Michael is willing to share everything he knows in a UK Online Stock Trading Course with lifetime access.

What does the course include?


The course will include technical analysis which involves analysing charts, understanding the price action and giving the confidence and competence to do so easily. 

Trading patterns and stock stages 

Profitable trading patterns will be analysed and taught including the four stages of a stock.

Risk management

You will also learn about risk management and how to build a system that is profitable and allows you to profit in the long run. 

Psychology training

A winning mindset helps set you apart from other traders so the course also delves into trading psychology. 


You will find out how to understand and navigate AIM stocks and FTSE shares with a deep dive on the UK’s London Stock Exchange. 

How long will it take? 

The online trading course includes 8 hours of intense training, across 44 individual lessons. 

Michael encourages people to trade long term in order to become more profitable. The course is applicable to the UK stock market, unlike most courses which take US markets, forex, crypto and others into account. 

This course is ideal for those wishing to gain success trading the UK stock market and has been highly recommended by beginners and experienced traders, including financial journalists, investment analysts, and private investors. 

Find out everything you need to know about the course here

What support will there be?

There is a community support group that have also taken the course, who will not only be able to share their thoughts on the different sections of the course, but also their own insights. Making connections and learning from others trading the UK stock market is a great way to boost your profits.

The course offers lifetime access meaning that any new information added by Michael can still be accessed. You can also revisit the course at any point for a refresh. 

Will you make a profit quickly?

Michael genuinely cares about this subject and his readers. He is clear, concise and offers the foundations for traders to develop their own strategy.

You don’t have to be sat staring at the screens all day in order to trade. In this course, you will learn how to set up and gain from long term strategies, with some short strategies included. 

However, this is not a get rich quick course and commitment will be required to achieve long-term goals. Investing time and energy gives the best chance at success, and Michael shares how to do this. Trading is a learning process and patience is required in order to become a successful trader.

Been trading for years?

Not only will this course allow you to refresh your skills and learn some new ones, but it will also help you reset any bad habits you may have picked up during the course of your trading. 

The strategies Michael uses are breakouts and breakdowns, gaps and more. He also shows you how to do intraday scalping. 

Admitting a loss of £30,000 in a single month in his first full year of trading, Michael has since encouraged consistent, sensible trading, that allows him to compound his account year on year. 

Interested in learning more?

“It is widely acknowledged that one of the few ways to achieve excessive wealth is to make money in equities. You either invest successfully in a business or you create a business and sell your equity in it. Whilst becoming a multi-millionaire is not everyone’s goal, becoming comfortably wealthy in the stock market is not out of anyone’s reach, regardless of current financial situation.”
– Michael Taylor, How to Make Six Figures in Stocks

If you believe you have the commitment and drive to learn and develop a long-term trading strategy within the UK stock market, then Michael Taylor can show you how.

His website offers the ebook ‘How To Make Six Figures in Stocks’ and other titles for free on his website so you can start learning right away and gain the edge needed to succeed in the UK stock market. 

You can find out more about the UK Online Stock Trading Course on the Shifting Shares website, including testimonials, a full breakdown of the course and further information. 

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