Best Places to Get Cheap High-End Sunglasses and eyeglasses

Get Cheap High-End Sunglasses

Do you love high-end, branded sunglasses, but not the price tags? There are plenty of ways that you can bag yourself some cheap fashionable or designer sunglasses. 

Not sure where to start? Here is a list of the best places to get cheap high-end sunglasses to get you started on your quest for the perfect pair of shades.

Charity Shops

Check your local charity shops, you might be surprised at what you find. All kinds of people donate and sometimes you find real treasures! From designer bags to sunglasses, they’re a great place to find timeless accessories.

Your best bet is to try and visit charity shops in affluent areas. These are more likely to have high-end items. 

Car Boot Sales

As above, people often purge their belongings and rather than give them away, some try to make some money from them. Car boot sales are a great way to buy and sell items quickly and easily, plus you meet the seller face to face for a more personal experience. 


You can find some stylish sunglasses in your local town market. They may not be branded, but you can find some that look high-end without the cost. Look out for styles that are trending and you’ll likely find some great cheap alternatives. 

Vintage Sales

Visiting vintage stores or events are a great way to find classic pieces. Not only will you get great brands and styles for less, but you’ll likely find more some unique sunglasses and accessories. 

Online Marketplaces

The likes of eBay, Amazon, and similar websites have some great, seemingly unlimited, options when it comes to finding cheap sunglasses. Authenticity can be difficult to prove, but if it’s only the style you’re after, you could find the perfect pair. 

Facebook Marketplace is also worth a look, as you will likely be buying from people local to you, can discuss the item easily in messages, and will able to see items in person before buying. 

Online Stores

Buying from online marketplaces can feel like a risk, but there are dedicated and trusted online stores that you can buy your favourite accessories from. At SmartBuyGlasses, you can find cheap designer sunglasses, including classic styles and trending pieces from the like of Ralph Lauren, Ray-Ban, Tom Ford Eyewear, Gucci, and more. You have 100 days to return if not satisfied, plus a 24 month warranty for complete reassurance. 

One great thing about shopping at SmartBuyGlasses is the virtual try-on feature. You can upload a photo and try on styles to see if they suit you, meaning no need for bricks and mortar stores. All styles and brands are in one place, rather than visiting each one separately. They also offer £9 frames which includes prescription glasses.

For the same cost as a return trip on the tube, you can now purchase a pair of specs! This game-changing new price point offers customers the ability to access affordable eye care no matter their financial situation. 

“We believe that affordable glasses should be the norm, not the exception and are proud to launch this new lowest price point of just £9 for frames including free 1.5 prescription lenses”, brand manager Julia Ritchie says. 

SmartBuy Collection’s vision is for its customers to find glasses they love at the best price. For customers who can’t afford designer prices, SmartBuy Collection makes stylish, everyday essentials accessible to everyone at the lowest price of just £9. 

The new offering is also ideal for those just looking for a spare pair of specs to keep at the office, in the car, or on hold as a backup pair. 

The new frames are available in nine different styles including full-rimmed pilot shaped, rectangular, square, oval, round and cat-eyed in a variety of modern colours. The frames all include free 1.5 prescription lenses. The full range can be seen here.

Thinking outside of the box is best when it comes to finding cheap high-end and designer sunglasses. There are so many alternative ways to shop that you’ll never have to pay full price again, or enter a store.

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