The troubles with quitting smoking

Making the right decision with Vaping


There are few things in life that are harder than someone with an addiction trying to give that addiction up. Addictions such as smoking and alcohol are the hardest because your body is forced through physical withdrawals as well as mental ones; with some of the effects causing great discomfort. Stopping smoking has the most amount of aids on the market, ways of slowly reducing the amount of nicotine entering your body as well as excluding the harmful substances that are the things causing all the problems, tar for example. One of these successful methods is using e-cigarettes.

By now, every man and his dog will have heard about e-cigarettes or e-cigs for short. They are the funky little devices that you see a large amount of the population puffing on that imitate smoking but without the nasty chemicals that come with smoking. E-cigs work by replacing smoke from a traditional cigarette with water vapour – this water vapour then carries the nicotine into the person’s lungs for it to enter the blood stream allowing them to experience the effects of smoking. The devices come in many shapes, sizes and colours as well as the liquids coming in 100’s of different flavours – there are even guides to help you make your own liquids.

While the full effects of these e-cigs has yet to be researched it is thought that using them instead of a cigarette is a huge benefit to a person’s health. Due to them inhaling only the nicotine infused water vapour there are no harmful chemicals entering the person’s lungs. Many people are using these devices to completely quit smoking as the nicotine liquids can vary in strength, right down to nicotine free – so if they like the routine of smoking they can still do so just minus the addictive substance.

Due to the rise in popularity of these devices, the government has decided to intervene with a new set of rules which came in to place in May 2016. These rules were:

Containers will be smaller weaker – allowing the vaper (someone who uses an e-cig) to use less liquid at a smaller strength. The new quantity of container is 10mls with there being no previous size restrictions. Previously the maximum strength was 24mg per millilitre which is now 20mg.

Packaging will carry health warnings – as with its traditional counterpart, e-cig packaging must now state that they contain nicotine which is an addictive substance.

E-cigs must be childproof – pretty self-explanatory this, preventing children from being able to use them or drinking the fluid is a must; after all nicotine is still a drug. With them coming in flavours such as bubblegum and cola, they’re even more appealing to children.

Adverts will change – e-cig companies are no longer allowed to advertise the potential health benefits over regular smoking, there is still lots of research to be done on the effects of using e-cigs. Celebrity endorsement will no longer be allowed, neither will the distribution of free samples.

Greater government scrutiny – each company manufacturing liquids for e-cigs must submit its full ingredients list to the government.

More and more people are coming off the cigarettes, and have quit smoking by using e-cigs so surely they can only be a good thing, right? What’s your opinion on them? Are they helping you?

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