Webfluential : Create your own blog Media Kit for FREE

Webfluential : Create your own blog Media Kit for FREE

Sometimes being a blogger can have a lot of extra work behind the scenes that you’d expect – it isn’t quite as simple as publishing content and watching the readers come rolling in. Knowing how and where to promote yourself is a vital part to getting your work read. If you’re also trying to reach out to brands knowing what they are looking for can be quite a challenge. This is where Webfluential can really help.

Webfluential is a free site that works with a number of companies and brands to help bring them all together. Brands, companies and bloggers can hire each other’s services using a tailor made booking form which can even give the potential client a quote for the services they require. Services can include a blog post, Tweet, Facebook post or even a YouTube video. As well as this Webfluential offers you everything you could possibly want to advertise your blog. It pulls your data from the social media sites you use as well as Google Analytics to calculate your reach and inform you how well your blog/social media is performing; measuring relevance and resonance as well as reach. It then pours this information into an awesome and always up to date media kit that can show potential clients how far they will reach if they hire your services.

The Media Kit

What is a media kit? A media kit is a promotional public relations tool that can serve several functions including giving a blogger/company a way to present itself as it would like to be seen; it can show all the important facts about the blogger in one easy to digest form.

Normally you can either build this media kit yourself which takes time, a lot of time or you can pay someone to do it for you which can cost you upwards of £100; then there is the risk of it becoming out dated within the space of a few months. Webfluential can create you one within minutes and the best part is that it is dynamic so it is constantly pulling your statistics meaning it is always up to date with your vital information.

The media kit gives you plenty of customisable options to make yours as interesting, informative and personal as possible. You can alter the profile image so it either shows yourself or your logo as well as changing the background image so it fits in with you as a brand. There is an about section where you can tell potential clients who you are and what you do. All of your social media channels are included as well as your blog so clients can click through for more information.


After this there is the breakdown of your audience. This includes your total reach and what portion of each platform makes up that reach; as you can see in the image below, The Money Shed’s blog is what has the largest reach followed by Twitter. Next we see a breakdown of your target markets and ages followed by how each platform you promote on performs, based on reach, relevance and resonance. This not only shows potential clients where you could reach with their brand but it can also tell you which areas you need to work on – the image below shows that The Money Shed is performing brilliantly via the blog but needs to do a little more work on YouTube.


You then get information pulled from Google Analytics that displays where you content is being see and by who. As expected with The Money Shed being a UK forum and blog, almost 95% of its views are from the UK. It is also most popular with women between the ages of 25-34 – companies can use this information to see if their brand will fit in with your blog.

Additional customisation is then available in the form of highlights – where you can add anything extra you think will be appropriate such as articles you have featured in, featured content – any posts you have done for brands or other sites can be added and linked to, and featured Tweets – if any Twitter users has shown you some love or appreciation, you can include it in this section.


When you have finished, what you are left with is a very effective and up to date tool which you can then share either by the Facebook and Twitter buttons on your customisation page or by downloading the WordPress plugin and featuring it directly on your blog.

You can also customise the domain for your media kit in your profile as when you register you will be assigned one made up of letters and numbers.

The Booking Form

This is a very handy tool which allows you to reach out and work with other companies, brands and/or bloggers. Then can input their details and a description of the tasks they wish you to complete, get a quote for the work and then book you to carry out that work. You are able to set up and manage your own prices, which is shown in dollars (only option at the moment), for each service you offer – so if you charge more for a blog post or YouTube video than you do for a Tweet your client can see this.


This booking form can then be added to your blog via the WordPress plugin, meaning that clients can book you direct from your blog. You can also add banners that will take clients to your Webfluenctial profile where they can also book your services. Once your profile and booking form is set up, potential clients can search for you from their dashboard and contact you directly through the website.

When a job is booked, you get a notification on your Webfluential “My Bookings” with all the details of the job required. The in house chat system also allows you to directly message a client should you need clarification about the job or if you want any additional information. Whenever you are messaged via Webfluential you will also receive and email altering you to a message in your message box.

Webfluential sorts out all the payments within 30 days of it being completed – this eliminates the need for invoices or chasing payments owed for work complete – you will be paid by PayPal or bank transfer once the work is carried out.

I will reiterate that all of this is free to influencers so you are getting what is basically an agency for bloggers who find you brands to work with. On top of that you are also getting a dynamic media kit that is always up to date to share not only on social media but on your blog as well. The customer service from them is great and they answer any queries through their in house chat system very quickly, as well as being available on Twitter. Personal, I feel that anyone who blogs and wants to work with brands or other bloggers should have a Webfluential account.

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