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There is no better way to relieve the stress and strain of everyday life than by taking a break from it all, and the best time for that is during the summer when the sun is shining. The only problem facing most people is the cost of getting away – the summer months tend to be the most expensive time as the kids are off school so the prices rocket. Knowing how and where to save money can make a real difference when you want to get away, so here are eight great ways to save money on your summer holiday.

Stay in the UK

The United Kingdom is a beautiful country with some of the cleanest beaches, magical forest and breathtaking mountain views. We Brits are so obsessed with going to hot climates that we just ignore how lucky we really are – ok, the weather might not always be brilliant but the environment always is. With a huge array of holiday camps such as Centre Parcs, Haven and Hoseasons who offer great prices, especially if you book early enough or collect tokens with The Sun newspaper (£9.50 holidays) it can be much cheaper to stay local.

Use cashback sites when booking online

Before making an online booking it is always a good idea to pop over to TopCashBack or Quidco to check if they are offering any money back for the holiday sites you are looking at. If you are planning to book the holiday anyway then it’s always an added bonus to save a few extra quid.

Save money with a Kidspass

Kidspass is an annual pass that offers great savings for families, everything from eating out, cinema trips and museum visits to holidays at Butlins and Haven. Normally this annual pass is £79.99 but by clicking this link you can grab yours now for £29.99. This pass also covers the whole family, no need to worry if you only have one child or five.

All Inclusive or Self Catering?

Choosing the right board option can sometimes be the think that pushes up a holiday so taking the time to choose the one that suits your needs best is a great way to save money. If you are going away as a couple and plan to be out of the hotel most of the time, then choosing All Inclusive might see you pushing up the cost of the food and drink because you are paying the hotel for things you won’t be using. If you are a family who plan to lounge in the sun while the kids play in the pool all day then Self Catering can see you spending a fortune on bottled water, drinks at the pool bar and snacks such as ice cream to keep the kids cool, hydrated and happy. Take a few minutes to think about what type of holiday you want and which board is best for your budget.

Haggle online prices with instore

Seen a great price online? Then print out the offer and take it to your local travel agents to see if they can do better or to their competitors. Travel agents can often bend slightly with how much they can save you so sometimes it is just a good idea to ask – they worst thing they can say is no and you just book it where you want to (or is best for you).

Holiday Insurance

Nowadays there are hundreds of insurance companies out there fighting for your money, so they will tempt you in by having the lowest cost insurance but sometimes this could actually leave you out of pocket. A great way to save money on travel insurance is to take a look at what your bank offers. A lot of banks will now offer benefits such as phone insurance, roadside assistance and of course travel insurance. My bank even offers cashback on contactless payment purchases and for paying my monthly bills by direct debit – I pay £16 a month and on average receive £12-£15 back from them; travel insurance is an included perk so in theory I’m paying a few quid a month which is cheaper than covering the family for a one-time trip.

If that isn’t an option for you then make sure you get cover that is a balance of price and features, as well as going through a cashback site (as previously listed).

Time of travel

Morning flights over the weekend are, on most occasions, the most expensive times to fly as they are popular – most people’s holidays start on a weekend and flying in the morning means you get some afternoon/evening in your resort. Flying on an evening or later into the night is normally a lot cheaper – ok, you might miss those few extra hours in your resort but you’re not missing that much as you can explore it all the next morning anyway.

Packing your bags

You’re going away for seven nights; you don’t need 14 dresses, 12 pairs of jeans, 20 different tops and 9 pairs of shoes. Taking a bottle of travel wash means you can rewash the clothes you have already worn and rise of your bathing suit. This then leaves space for those little extras that you can get cheap here in the UK that are more expensive as imports; things such as tea bags, coffee or quick snacks which can be bought over here for cheap – they will then leave space for bringing gifts home. Adding extra luggage costs to your booking soon pushes the prices up.

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