What makes Barolo wine so special?

Barolo wine

Barolo is often called the King of wines! It’s extremely expensive no matter where you buy it from but that is matched by its quality. But what is it that drives up that price? Well, Barolo has a unique combination of topographical, climatic and geological factors that make it, for a lot of people, worth the money!

Barolo is a fine Italian red wine which is packed full of powerful aromas. It’s produced in an area called Barolo in the North West of Italy and is made from Nebbiolo grapes.

The interesting aspect (and a huge part of its popularity!) about this wine is that it needs to be aged for 7-10 years to achieve the perfect taste. It is a true wine that pays off for those that show patience. In fact, its flavours will continue to develop for 15 or 20 years

A big part of that price tag comes from that fact there is a limited supply of the product so supply and demand plays a huge factor here in controlling the price.

You can buy Barolo wine either from an online wine shop or from your local wine specialist shop and you can be sure that it will be an experience both you and your wallet will never forget!

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