Why Whisky Can Be a Sound Investment

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Investment is no longer restricted to stocks and shares, property or even gold. While all three are indeed excellent ways to profit from investing your savings – the price of gold is one commodity that has thus far held its value despite fluctuations in the market.

More and more investors are looking to expand their investment portfolio and diversify where their money is held in the hopes of a huge return on their investment come retirement age. One such man who took a gamble on his son’s future with an investment in 18-year-old Macallan whisky, buying one bottle each year for his son’s birthday, the doting father then presented his offspring with the bottles which have provided him with a lovely little nest egg to give him a foot on the property ladder.

If you read this story and thought this seemed like a good idea – after all, the collection is thought to be worth around £40,000, which is a great return on a £5,000 investment. You need to look at how investing in whisky can benefit your investment portfolio and potentially provide you with a good return when you sell in the future.

Investing in Whisky for Beginners

We all know, the older the Whisky tasting set, the more expensive it is to buy. But we’re not just talking about one or two such bottles here. When it comes to investing in whisky, you need to think in terms of casks. And this isn’t just a flash in the pan novelty. Many experts predict that collections of rare whiskey will be more valuable than gold in years to come and last year, whisky was placed ahead of art, wine, coins, and cars as the best investment opportunity.

How Do You Find Rare Whisky to Invest In?

Educate yourself in as much knowledge as you can about whisky before you even think about parting with any money. Many scams out there and previously thought to be rare bottles were valued only to discover they were actually faked in recent years.

Take classes, visit distilleries if possible and sample whisky, so you know what you are buying. Opt for a whisky subscription to allow yourself to become familiarised with the product and get a feel for what you are investing in.

Boost your collection with rare or limited edition bottles and make sure they are stored securely and in the correct conditions to not damage the bottle or risk ruining the whiskey itself. 

A whisky collection won’t make you rich instantly. You need to be in this for the long haul as many investors find the trend of ‘flipping,’ i.e. buying and immediately selling damaged the worth of the bottles they intended to sell and lowered prices across the board.

Be meticulous in your purchases and methodical in how you choose to build your collection to maximise your investment in whisky and allow yourself the best possible chance to get the most for your collection when the time does come to sell. And if you choose to keep a bottle or two, you will have a truly unique drink to celebrate with come your retirement years!

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