Will Autonomous Cars Mean that Drivers Need to Seek Other Jobs?

Will Autonomous Cars Mean that Drivers Need to Seek Other Jobs?

Electric cars are gradually making their way into everyday use, with more than 400,000 now on the roads of Great Britain. There was a 186 percent increase in electric car sales in 2020, with the Tesla Model 3 being the most popular offering in the country.

Electric cars will act as the stepping stone towards autonomous vehicles, which are expected to start flooding the market by 2030. When this happens, people who rely on driving as a career may have to explore other options.

Tesla is Leading the Way in the Electric Car Market

People who managed to foresee the electric car revolution a few years ago have benefited greatly from the rise of these environmentally-friendly vehicles. Tesla shares have increased by almost ten times their value from the start of 2020 to now, going from $88 per share in January that year to $824 in March 2022.

The company is continuing to expand at an impressive rate, and some analysts believe that it could be the world’s top automobile manufacturer by the end of 2030. This will, of course, be welcome news for those looking to buy Tesla stock, judging by the Tesla stock chart and buy/sell ratio. Investors shouldn’t lament their decision not to get into the company two years ago, though, and should instead view its potential to grow even more in the years ahead. This is why developers are pushing forward with their plans to create driverless cars, and they envisage a future in which every vehicle on the road is operated autonomously.

Will Autonomous Cars Take People’s Jobs?

Indeed, there are myriad reasons as to why the world should be moving towards this, with safety being a primary issue. It’s estimated that 94 per cent of road accidents are caused by human error, so the new technology could save countless lives. The cars could also reduce congestion and pollution significantly.

With autonomous cars expected to be ubiquitous in the west within the next twenty years, people who rely on driving to make money may need to consider a career change as they could be replaced. The futuristic form of transport could put taxi drivers, lorry drivers, and many more people out of work. These people could look to get involved with the manufacturing of these vehicles. People may also be required to monitor the cars and trucks even when they are fully autonomous as well, as they may need to override the system in certain scenarios.

How Can People Benefit from the Rise of Electric Cars?

Looking into ways to get into the driverless car industry now could be fruitful, as it is expected to blow up within the next decade. People may also benefit from investing in the major companies in the sector. In general, though, the main benefits that everyone will experience from driverless cars will be to do with safety and the environment.

The rise of autonomous cars could have a serious impact on people who rely on driving as a career. They may need to seek other ways to make money, but there should be more job openings arriving in this industry. There is also a chance that people will still be required to man the robotic vehicles as an added safety precaution. Whichever way this turns out, it will certainly be groundbreaking and bring about significant change.

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