3 Amazing Uses For Rope Around Your House

Amazing Uses For Rope

The humble rope has come a long way since one of its earliest forms – traditionally rope was made with reeds. These days, the rope can be utilized in many different ways. The only limitation is your imagination as to how you can effectively use a rope.

Versatile and durable, there is a reason ropes remain one of the best tools you can keep in your arsenal. Having rope at home is standard for things such as towing cars in the event of a breakdown, for tying things together, or even for heading out on the water for some boating fun.

You are probably familiar with all the different types of knots to secure your rope; short-bend, square knot, reef knot, fisherman knot, and many, many more. But did you know there are more uses for rope in your home that you might not even be aware of?


Rope can be made from any different materials. One thing they have in common is that they are all durable and extremely hard-wearing. This makes rope ideal for flooring projects.

Try your hand at rope weaving using decking rope and braid your own mat. How do you make a rope mat? All you need to do is to line up different rope lengths and weave a smaller rope through them until you have reached your desired rig size. Use it as an entrance mat, porch mat, or even an outdoor mat for you to wipe your feet on as you get home! Add something unique to your flooring.


Carry a nautical theme throughout your home by using the rope to create a railing. Bring a touch of the great open sea into your home by using the rope to create a bannister up your stairs or around a specific room. All you need to do is to tie a knot in the rope at each and thread the rope through decorative hooks on the wall to guide the rope for an eye-catching and truly unique railing that really captures people’s attention. 

For added wow make sure to coil the rope on the floor at one end to complete the look! Don’t forget, you can customise the colour of your rope to match your existing decor too.

Rope Light

Using rope in lighting isn’t new. But with a bit of ingenuity, you can accessorize your existing light fittings with rope to create a stunning focal point. Whether your style is contemporary, nautical, or even industrial, you can add depth and texture to any light fitting by draping rope around a light fitting so it looks like the right is coming out from the rope itself. Be careful not to cover the lightbulb but merely accentuate and add a touch of style to the fitting itself.

There are so many other uses for the rope around the home, that all you need to do is choose how to use it and the look you are going for! The best part is the possibilities are endless.

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