5 Apple Watch Functions You Should be Using

Apple Watch

There is no denying that adding an Apple watch to compliment your existing Apple devices can up your game. No longer are smartwatches for tracking steps, calories, or viewing messages without checking your smartphone.

With so many benefits and features to try out with your new Apple device, it can be easy to overlook certain aspects meaning that you aren’t fully taking advantage of everything your new gadget can offer you.


An Apple watch is more than just an accessory. That being said, you can choose to update or accessories your new watch by swapping Apple watch bands to suit your mood, activity or style! Customise your screen by swiping left or right to see different screen face options or do more via the watch app on your phone which has more customisation options. To set your screen to show your favourite pictures, tag your images using the heart icon. When you set your watch screen to show images, these will then be used on your watch screen.

Head to the settings on your watch to change brightness levels, text size and more.

Emergency Alerts

You can set up a feature across your Apple devices to call emergency services and contacts if you cannot call for help. Emergency alerts on your watch make for an easier way to get help in an emergency should you need it.

Hold down the power button on the side for a few seconds until the screen shows the Power Off, Medical ID or Emergency SOS options. Next, select what your option is. For emergency services, you can either slide the toggle to activate an emergency call or press and hold the side button. For medical emergencies, add an emergency contact in your health app on your phone, and this person will be notified after the emergency services have been called.

Health Tracking

Get more in-depth knowledge into your body health and fitness levels than ever before by making sure you are using a wide range of features to help you maximise your health, your workouts, and even recoveries from injury. You can track the following on your Apple watch by simply activating via the health app on your phone or directly on the watch;

  • Take an ECG
  • Monitor your heart rate
  • VO2 Max (on iOs & only)
  • Oxygen levels
  • Protect your hearing
  • Breathe app to monitor your breathing and help reduce stress

Siri Shortcut

If you have Siri shortcuts activated on your phone, now you can access them even faster directly from your watch. Tap the Shortcuts app on your watch to all the different shortcuts supported in the iOs7 update.

Do Not Disturb

If you want to remove the distractions of unwanted intrusive notification or need some quiet time away from life, then your Apple watch can mimic the Do Not Disturb setting you have activated on your phone.

Put simply, your Apple Watch can do so much more than tell you the time and track your step count and digging a bit deeper into what your watch can do will open up so much.

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