Why Choose Lupton and Place for Aluminium Die Casting

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When it comes to creating high-quality products for the consumer, you want to make sure that not only are you the best possible materials, but you are also choosing a production method that lends itself to longevity and durability to allow for a better user experience. You want machinery, products and equipment to be sustainable, cost-effective and able to do the job it is designed for.

One such method is via the use of aluminium die casting.

What is an aluminium die casting?

Aluminium die-casting is often used interchangeably with aluminium sheet, but it actually refers to different products. Generally, die castings are not sheets but rather pieces of metal. Aluminium die-cast is produced by heating a metal part with oxygen, causing it to shrink and bend into desired shapes. It is an alternative to formwork and riveting. 

However, it is not the final product that is die-cast but a mould for a part to be cast in many cases. Aluminium die-casting allows less wastage in the production process but has certain disadvantages too. The method is more suitable for making small items and sometimes more difficult for larger or more complex parts.

Aluminium is renowned for its lightweight and durable properties, making it an ideal metal to manufacture many different homes and commercial and engineering products.

What does aluminium die casting offer your customers?

Aluminium dies cast can offer a wide range of benefits to your customers and your company alike. 

  • Deliver your products within the range you have specified with no compromises.
  • Help you keep costs down while still meeting your customer’s needs.
  • Provide the best possible quality in every piece
  • Help to increase your brand recognition and sales.
  • Who do you use to make your products?
  • Long-established industry standards and best practice are used throughout all stages of the process:
  • The manufacturing process is consistent and well-established.
  • No cutting, machining or welding is used.
  • Production control and accountability
  • Workers are provided with the necessary training, tools and equipment to produce consistent results.
  • Guaranteed consistent and excellent quality of the finished product.

Why should you use Lupton and Place?

Lupton and Place are a leading company in the industry, and its products range is vast and suitable for many different reasons. From raw materials to finished parts for products such as lawnmowers, parking meters, heart monitors, tools and more, Lupton and Place can meet your needs.

Using cutting edge CNC die spraying and dosing furnace technologies, Lupton and Place can supply high-quality products with reduced wall section and offer maximum cost-effectiveness.

With experience in the commercial and industrial sector, Lupton and Place can quote, supply and manufacture a wide range of commercial solutions. Their knowledge and experience mean you can rely on a high-quality product and professional service consistently.

When supplying products to your customers or looking to manufacture products or machinery that will offer you the durability and craftsmanship to give you confidence in your finished product, trusting a European leader in aluminium die casting such as Lupton and Place will allow you to achieve those standards and give you peace of mind.

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