8 Tips For Selling Homes Quickly

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Today’s real estate market is a tumultuous environment. Though things don’t look great for sellers, the abundance of interested buyers out there means that you can still sell your home fast if you do it with a little wisdom. Use these 8 great tips to attract more interested buyers.

1) Make Sure Your Agent Markets Properly Online

Today’s homebuyers overwhelmingly rely on the internet to start their search for a new property. All of the curb appeal in the world won’t help you sell your house if it doesn’t have a tempting online listing. Make sure that your agent sets up online listings that include plenty of pictures. Listings that include more than a half-a-dozen pictures attract twice as many viewings as those that have fewer, according to a study by

2) Use YouTube To Present Your Home On Video

A decent camera will only cost you £100, and it’ll allow you to make a persuasive video showing off your home’s best features. (Don’t neglect the advantages of your local neighbourhood, either!) Make your video personal by relaying stories about the parts of the house and the neighbourhood that your family especially loved. Showing prospective buyers that your home is a terrific place to live will help them visualize themselves doing the same.

3) Enlist Neighborhood Aid

Spread the word about your home’s sale to your neighbors. Make full use of any local message boards or email lists to let neighbors know you’re putting your house up for sale. They may well know people who are interested in moving into your local community. When you have an open house, make sure your neighbors are invited. Don’t be afraid to make it into a block party! Your neighbors may end up being the ones who sell buyers on the merits of your neighborhood and home.

4) Use Facebook

Make sure you post links to your home’s listing on Facebook. Today Facebook cuts across every demographic and connects all sorts of buyers and sellers. Remember that announcing your sale on Facebook doesn’t just present it to your circle of friends, but all of their friends as well – the sheer number of people you can reach is impressive.

5) Throw In Some Extras

Closing cost credits are all the rage these days, but they’re getting practically passé. Many buyers actually expect them, so offering them doesn’t necessarily distinguish your home from other potential purchases. What might make a bigger difference is leaving behind some of your best possessions. A home that includes a big new plasma TV or top of the line kitchen appliances is likely to stick out in the minds of prospective buyers. It’s especially productive to offer items that might be outside the ordinary budget of people looking for homes in your price range.

6) Condition Can Be A Huge Advantage

Short sales and foreclosures are still extremely common in a lot of markets, and this can make it difficult for you to compete for attention based on cost. Most of those homes end up sold “as is,” and they tend to come with a lot of issues their new owners will need to resolve. Make your own home more attractive in comparison by maximizing its condition before you list it. Do as many repairs as you can afford and, if possible, get a fresh termite inspection done. Take the time to fix up the little things – broken doorknobs, nicks and scratches, and so on – before listing your house, too.

7) Staging On The Outside Matters Too

Devote a little attention to gussying up the outdoor part of your property as well as the interiors. Apply a fresh coat of paint, freshen up your landscaping, and set up outdoor furniture on your patio suggest fast house sellers . Make it easy for potential buyers to fantasize about spending a pleasant Sunday afternoon in your yard.

8) Access Is Key

Very few homes get sold without a showing. This is another area where short sales and foreclosures have an advantage: Since they’re vacant, they can be shown anytime. Make it as easy as possible for your agent to get prospective buyers into your home.


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