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Why I think blogging online courses that charge you for learning how to make money SUCK!

Why I think online courses that charge you for learning how to make money SUCK! 1

If there’s one thing that grinds me gears online as someone that is always trying to help people earn money from home it’s when information on how to earn online is hidden behind a paywall of some kind.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a MLM company such as Younique or an online e-course offering you untold knowledge to earn online for the pricely sum of a few hundred pounds!

I am completely against the practice as usually when people are wanting to find ways to earn money from home it is because they need the money for some critical reason and I think asking people to pay for that information is absolutely out of order.

Ever since The Money Shed was created I’ve always wanted information to be available to everyone for free. Currently you can come to our website use something like the Beginners Guide to Earning Online Toolkit or our ever popular 20 best jobs for Mums post and easily earn over £1000 a month from home and of course get access to our forum with over 145,000 posts and 7000 members there is an absolute wealth of information available for free.

It’s because of sites like TMS that I just find it so baffling which knowledge is hidden behind a paywall. Yes the information might be presented a bit nicer and the content is generally a bit more glossy but you do have to wonder what people who are selling these e-courses are actually getting out of it except for money.

Another worrying trend is when I see people grant access to a Facebook group of all things as part of paying for the course. As if it is in some way a super exclusive group and at its core isn’t just a free group set up on Facebook which took all of 2 minutes to set up.

As a side not as well a lot of these e-courses I find tend to promote the awful Law of Attraction mindset where you are ‘attracting’ success or failure which I think is very dangerous as it can create a very negative mindset untold riches don’t appear a few months down the line having already paid £199 for this e-course to earn money from!

One of the most troubling things is also I guess that people pay for it! These e-courses or MLM companies wouldn’t exist if there wasn’t a market for it of people in this country who are desperate to earn money from home in one way or another that they will literally pay for hat information.

Now I suppose you could say that I am being hypocritical in that I promote companies on here like Profit Accumulator which charge £17.99 a month to help people earn from Risk Free Matched Betting but I would say with that you are paying for access to tools instead of just information that you can source anywhere for free.

Personally I think the people trying to sell information they KNOW is available for free online at a cost are a HUGE part of the ‘earning money online’ world problem.

I remember when I first started looking into earning online and was looking at dropshipping and I paid £100 for a ‘list’ of suppliers who I could use. I couldn’t believe it when I just recieved a spreadsheet with 10 website and email addresses! The reason I was lured in was being they had a very glossy website and offered me the chance to get involved with Dropshipping and hit the ground running.

It was from then onwards that I decided never to pay for information about how to earn money online no matter how desperate I was. In the 9-5 world you wouldn’t be expected to pay £100 to get access to a job application so why do people think it’s OK to do that just because the work opportunity are online?

I think it’s fair to say we have gone full circle and instead of flogging VHS tapes you are now instead paying for some PDF files to be emailed to you!

I remember seeing a quote when I was first looking into creating The Money Shed which was along the lines of how if you help people out without expecting anything in return (ie, having to pay for it!) they will gladly reciprocate that by in turn helping others out so that EVERYONE BENEFITS!

19 thoughts on “Why I think blogging online courses that charge you for learning how to make money SUCK!”

  1. Completely agree with this, and it’s very tempting for lots of people who can’t afford it to actually dive into these courses and end up even shorter of cash.

  2. Very poignant post and agree with everything. There is a fine line between doing good that benefits everyone to supposedly doing good and helping no one, and the latter is very much the case for these people setting up paywalls to access what is very lacklustre and shoddy information.

    I once had an ex-colleague of mine really push me onto an MLM Forever Living; it got to the point where I was thinking well, why isn’t she actually trying to sell me the product, as opposed to selling the recruitment side of it? There is no answer because they are doing everything within their means to make some money, but being very deceptive as to what that person actually gains out of it.

    Also, I would in no way think that promoting Profit Accumulator is in any way shape or form hypocritical: even they say they will help you make a small amount of money before you have to commit to pay for the service. Of course people do have to be paid for the services they provide, if the author of this post was not making an ancillary income from this blogpost and other means then it is likely that the author would not even have the time to write this post in the first place.

  3. Some good points made here. I see courses popping up all over the place now and I’ll admit, I’ve wondered if I need to do one and whether I’ll learn anything new. I’m also kind of curious just to see what’s in the course! There are some big course makers who teach you how to make a course who say ‘bloggers should make courses’. So I’ve wondered if I could make a course, but I came to the same conclusion, I’d just feel too cheeky selling information that can be found online for free. I guess people might find it easier having it all in one place and not having to spend hours hunting around for it, but I still don’t know how I totally feel about it. I do also think people make their own success. A course isn’t going to make you successful, you are. If you have enough determination and drive then you can make money from home, you just have to put the work in. The information is there if you want to find it. Another thing to note is a course will just have one person’s perspective. What works for one person may not work for another. I think I’ve rambled on enough there! But I can see how it winds you up when you want to help everyone without a paywall 🙂 I’d rather share my knowledge for free too.

  4. I don’t really understand why anyone would pay money to learn this kind of stuff when there is so much information for free on this on You Tube!

  5. I am on the border with this, yes if information can be found freely online then people shouldn’t really charge but then again if people want to seriously make money they should search not just ALWAYS expect someone to have put the ‘information’ in one place for them to absorb.
    There are other people who create databases for other people to use and charge a small fee, those people also need the money for something ‘critical’ too. That’s my two cents

  6. You raise some good points here. I’m always left wondering if the courses are all that, or if it’s the promise of affiliate income to promote them that makes them so “amazing” in the eyes of the reviewer. Needless to say, I’m yet to pay for one!

  7. This is a world I know very little about, as I’m a ‘free information’ person usually. I’ve not looked into paying for courses, but will certainly consider this post if I ever do. I don’t really want to be paying for something I could get for free!

  8. Some great points here I don’t like that some courses are paid for especially if the info can be found from other sources for free.

  9. Awesome points there! I just don’t seem the point of these type of courses. It’s a shame that some people are sucked into such things.

  10. love everything about this! I hate courses which are essentially “pay me money so that I can teach you how to make someone else pay you money telling them the same thing! – That being said, I wouldn’t mind paying for courses that are business orientated when they are valuable, e.g. intro to beginner bookeeping or business management etc.

  11. I too hate courses that sell info that anyone can find free. I co-run a networking group and we all share our knowledge and for free which works really well

  12. Yes I agree, there is so much on the internet about ways of making money, that are free. People love to share their tips too

  13. I love this article. I’ve been thinking so much about this lately because my facebook is always saturated with adverts for courses promising things. I especially hate the ones that play on ‘the law of attraction’ and con you into taking their money and then revealing no information. My partner fell fool to one of these before as did a friend. x

  14. I have also paided for online course and got nothing but sell this course to others even when they said that the course was for free.

  15. Interesting post, I think it’s the rise of ‘blogging’ as a source of income people are keen to put stuff behind a paywall. For me it depends on the course and if the value is a small fraction compared to what I might earn after. It does seem a bit mean to make people pay for a course to learn how to make money/earn money. I know my cousin paid something crazy like £100 for a money making seminar – she was no better off afterwards and £100 to her is a lot of money!

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