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Buy and Sell unwanted Gift Cards with Zeek + GET £5 FREE

Buy and Sell unwanted Gift Cards with Zeek + GET £5 FREE 5

Everyone is always after some kind of deal when it comes to buying gift cards. You can get them everywhere now from supermarkets to you local garage but did you know there is a website where you can not only get some cracking deals on gift cards but also sell your unwanted gift cards that are burning a hole on your wallet?

Zeek is an amazing website where you can both make and save money as there’s two sides to the site so let’s go through them!

How does it work?

Zeek is basically a marketplace for people to trade their unwanted gift cards. The cards you see available are ones that other people have listed on their site so people are generally willing to take a bit of a discount on their sale to turn their unwanted gift card into cash with benefits both parties.

Saving Money Buying Gift Cards

Trying to find offers on gift cards used to involve quite a lot of trawling around the web to find the best deals. With Zeek you don’t have to worry about that anymore as it’s all in one place!


Zeek Gift Cards













As you can see above Zeek have a great selection of gift cards available at any given time show you what discount is available with which retailer so you know what to expect before you start clicking. At the time of writing this review they had over 150 on there to choose from so there will be something on there no matter if you are buying for yourself or getting someone a gift and want a save a bit of money while doing so!


zeek gift card











As you can see one you have chosen the gift card you are after you can select which one you want to buy. There are usually many cards available at different price points for the same retailer so you can get exactly what you are looking for and you can also see the money you are saving by buying your gift card through Zeek straight from the off! If you are wanting to treat yourself to something from a particular retailer this really is a fantastic way to get a lot more for your money and still end up with the item you want!

Making Money by selling unwanted gift cards

sell gift cards zeek










Zeek also offer you the chance to sell your unwanted gift cards as well. You simply type in the retailer the card is for and then the website will hold your hand while you create the sale!

zeek starbucks card sell










Once done your card then gets listed with the others for that retailer it’s just a case then of waiting for people to buy it which wasn’t very long at all when I tried it.


Now it’s time to get your FREE £5 Zeek Credit!

What better way to get started with Zeek than with £5 credit for FREE to make the first gift card you buy EVEN CHEAPER!. To get that FREE CREDIT simply sign up with them HERE.

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