Trying to get a decent work life balance

Trying to get a decent work life balance


Getting a decent work life balance is something that many people stride for. I currently work around 40 hours a week in my main job plus do my online earning work and having some kind of work life balance is something I know I need to work more at as sometimes I just spend my evenings being very tired and just wanting to sleep and the last thing i want to do is end up on some kind of attendance management system.

I’ve been thinking of ways in which I could make things better for myself and I’ve come up with 5 top tips I think I should follow to get my work life balance sorted

Leave work at work

A lot of people these days have their work email on their personal phones these days and that more than anything can draw you back in. You might be enjoying a day off and PING goes your phone and suddenly you can be worrying about what’s going to happen if you don’t reply to that email!

Stop trying to be everything to all people

I’m a manager in my day job and supporting staff and running a service can take a lot of effort and time. On top of that if overtime gets offered at work I will more often than not put my hand up and say I will do it. Sometimes I think this can be counter productive as I find if I am working long hours it really can have an affect on my health and the last thing you want to do is end up with your your boss having to manage your absence.

It’s OK to make people wait

In work there always seems to be a need to have to do work as quick as you can for people. Sometimes it’s actually OK to say that you will get round to work in a few hours, or even the next day! Why do you have to reply to emails straight away? What’s wrong with having a breather and replying say within 24hours. As long as they get their reply they will be happy!

Think about retirement

Well it doesn’t have to be retirement as such but what about cutting your hours down. If there is no financial need for you to work 5 days a week look at maybe doing reduced hours. If you do need a full time way what about doing compressed hours? There are a lot of options out there in most work places where you can make the system work for you a lot better!

It’s OK to say NO!

Sometimes we can get in the habit of just saying yes to everything. Maybe we feel the sense of pressure or of wanting to help our fellow colleagues if they are in a mess. It’s great to be able to be one of those ‘Yes!’ guys at work but sometimes all it can do it mount even more pressure on yourself as people expect you to always be compliant when maybe the best thing you can do is actually say No the next time someone comes calling at your desk with yet more work.


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