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Fraud. It costs millions each year, but not only does it cause financial damage, but it destroys businesses, reputations and years of emotional and physical labour. 

For those who are unaware, businesses are often misled, receiving fraudulent invoices, selling products or services to which they won’t ever receive payment for, essentially being scammed for hundreds, even thousands of pounds at a time. These scams are portrayed by people posing as real suppliers, only to redirect the funds to their own account, and never paying for the goods or service. Unfortunately many businesses which are set up across the country have fallen victim to these scams, often unable to see when a scam is going to take place and therefore simply being another number in the statistics. 

This issue is only on the increase, with over 3,000 fraudulent invoices being reported in one year, leading to an average loss to each business at around £28,000. Before now there has been no way of dealing with these scams, with businesses being left in the dark after being scammed. 

Thankfully CheckanInvoice has arrived, helping businesses to avoid the potential snare of invoice fraud. The process itself sounds relatively simple. CheckanInvoice offers a subscription based service whereby businesses can choose to send CheckanInvoice their invoices from suppliers in a bid to cut out any potential fraudulent activity. The clever system scans the invoices sent from the business, checking for any of their 8 detection points before sending it back, safe. This process of fraud detection is innovative, something which CheckanInvoice pride themselves on, and is a completely new and unparalleled service in the market. 

How is CheckanInvoice is Relevant to me?

For many businesses, big and small, there are many things that need to be considered in order to run an effective company. Sometimes, security and fraud detection is near the bottom of the everlasting to-do list. 

With the increase in fraudulent activity, it’s more important than ever before to put invoice security at the top of the list. The issue won’t be going away anytime soon, with figures showing a 130% increase in invoice scams, it’s unfortunately something that’s going to be around for a while. 

As with many things, you may not know you need something until the time comes when you actually need it. Let’s take home insurance as an example. Let’s say you decided not to take out home insurance, and unfortunately something has happened that you now can’t afford to fix, where does that leave you? Perhaps you’ll be thousands out of pocket, in a pretty hairy situation. Wouldn’t you wish that you had just taken the time to invest in your house, spending money to ensure that all your assets were safe, secure and covered should anything happen. Hindsight is always a useful tool. Don’t treat your business any different, CheckanInvoice makes is convenient to sign up to and get started straight away.  

With this in mind, it’s clear to see that whether you’re a high end business with millions in sales or simply starting out on the entrepreneurial ladder, invoice fraud can impact you, at any time without prior knowledge. So it’s best to keep safe, and use the protected, quick CheckanInvoice service. 

How to Use CheckanInvoice

How to Use CheckanInvoice

When we start to mention that CheckanInvoice uses the latest SaaS technology and AI and ML technology you may start to feel a little out of your depth. 

In reality, the process couldn’t be simpler. Using their easy online login you can get your business set up quickly and hassle-free, and soon you’ll be sending invoices to the intelligent system and saving yourself time and more importantly money. 

Why Choose CheckanInvoice

Just like every other product out there it’s important to understand how and why a certain product or service is the best for you and your business. 

CheckanInvoice is a new, creative and market changing service. Not only do they offer a truly unique service, ensuring your business is as safe as possible, but it does so in a timely, cost effective manner. 

Unlike other companies, CheckanInvoice understands what it’s like to be on the receiving end of the scam, and it’s not something they take light-heartedly. They understand the truly demoralising impact that a scam can have, and that’s not just the financial destruction. They have many different packages available to businesses as they understand that the one size fits all approach doesn’t always work. One unique aspect of this is the ‘pay what you want’ scheme that CheckanInvoice have set up. With invoice scams on the rise, it’s common to hear horror stories from companies losing thousands of pounds and trying to restart from such a setback can take time. That’s why CheckanInvoice offer this partnership package for any company who have found themselves to be victim of one of these invoice scams. This means that businesses won’t have to worry about paying sky-rocketing prices for the invoice checking service, and instead can choose to pay what they can whilst raising awareness of the issue surrounding invoice scams. 

Alongside the many positives of CheckanInvoice’s technology, they also have a team of experienced professionals, ready to help whenever they can. With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, CEO of CheckanInvoice knows exactly how important this issue is for both business big and small. 

CheckanInvoice is the future. A dramatic statement, nonetheless, a truthful one. We have already witnessed the increase in these fraudulent claims, leaving business and business owners fighting for survival, with many unable to return to their former glory. CheckanInvoice is a unique and well-needed service for businesses across the world, meaning business owners no longer need to worry about potential security threats to their financial standing. 

The issue with invoice scams won’t disappear, but with innovative technology and a team of experts behind it, CheckanInvoice is leading the way in this market, saving time and money, providing a simple, efficient way of completing a job that was beforehand impossible. 

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