Classic Ways To Maximise Car Profits Without Spending A Penny

Maximise Car Profits

Owning a classic car can feel fantastic. You’ll feel like the bee’s knees every time you take that thing out for a drive. Sadly, for the majority of classic car owners, chances to actually get out are few and far between. In fact, if you’re anything like most, your classic vehicle does little more than take up garage space.

If this sounds all too familiar, then you wouldn’t be alone in considering whether it’s worth selling up. The trouble is that, in most cases, classic cars need a fair amount of money spent before they pull their full profit potential. And, the chances are that you find the idea of selling for less too painful to bear.

The good news is that there are some simple ways to pull a handsome profit on any classic car sale without having to spend so much as a penny on it yourself. And, we’re going to consider them here.

Take out a loan for improvements

Classic car improvements typically require expensive specialist and sometimes custom-made parts. That’s why your first step here should be to take out a loan to get started. The alternative logbook loans offered by companies like Loan On Your Car are especially beneficial for this as they allow you to borrow large amounts without handing over your logbook. While you will still need to repay loan amounts for the duration of your agreement, this gives you instant cash to get started, and it’s money you’re guaranteed to see back and some when you finally sell.

Don’t rely on the pros

Professional engineers charge an arm and a leg for classic car repairs. Why not save yourself some cash by learning the things you need to check and repair yourself for free? YouTube now offers tutorial videos on near enough every classic repair going, and doing your research is sure to see you fixing up your fixer-upper as well as the pros for none of the price. That way, you can get your engine in full working order for resale without eating into your profits once.

Advertise on free sites

Even if you managed to get your classic car up and ready without excessive expense, there’s a real risk that you’ll face pricey listing costs when the time comes to sell. Luckily, it doesn’t need to be like this. All you have to do is research free car selling platforms that are sure to serve your purpose. Options like Facebook Marketplace can work here, but they aren’t guaranteed to offer the sales your classic beauty deserves. Instead, head to specialist free car selling platforms like Wizzle and Motors. This gives you access to a car specific audience that is sure to pay top whack, all without costing you a single thing.


Saying goodbye to your classic vehicle might be painful, but not as painful as letting this money-making machine go to waste. By maximising your profits in these ways, you should undoubtedly find that you’re able to ease the process.

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