Things You Need To Check When You Buy Your Next Car

When you decide to buy your next car there are a lot of things you should be making considerations over. You need to think about what you need it for, the size you require, how much you want to and many more. It can sometimes be a little be daunting when you think about everything it involves however there ways you can make the process easier. 

Have a look below at some top tips for buying a car: 

V5C Document

Regardless of how you buy your car, it will come with a V5C Document and you should never purchase a car if you’re not receiving one. It tells you who the registered owner is, previous owners and then it gets transferred into your name. You should make sure it is ligament and check for things such as spelling mistakes, the correct registration number and your address. You should also check that the VIN number is the same on the form as the car. Buying your used car from places such as can really help to avoid this. 


First impressions aren’t always good to go off, and you most certainly can’t rely on pictures online especially when buying a second-hand car. Dodgy paintwork and signs of repair could indicate that a car has previously been in an accident so don’t get drawn by how much you like a car and scrutinise any marks. You’re going to get some signs of wear and tear but make sure to keep your eye out for things like bubbling, rust and damages. 

Service History 

When buying a used car it’s always good to ask for and see the service and MOT history. It can be a really good indication of what work the car may need in the future and any reoccurring problems. A car with a regular service history of often a reliable car that has been well looked after. You are able to view the MOT history of a car on the government website if there is no service history. This will show you exactly what any previous fails have been down to and show you what work has been carried out. 

The Suspension

 Give the car you are looking st a good bounce. Push it down on each of the four corners, then let go to test the suspension. You ideally want the car to bounce back smoothly without any noises. If it doesn’t it could be a sign that they need replacing you will do in the near future. This could turn out to be quite expensive and not what you need straight after purchase. 


The tyres on any car that you buy should be in good condition and if your buying from a deal you should always request these are changed if there are any problems. You should make sure there are decent tread and no signs of damage. You should also check that the either has a spare wheel or puncture repair kit, along with everything you need to change a tyre such as a jack and a socket set. Make sure you have the locking wheel nut as this is normally special to each car. 

These are just a few of the things you need to check when you buy a car, do you have anything else that you should be looking out for? Please share them in the comments section below. 

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