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It was once the case that switching your mortgage was nothing short of a chore. Waiting until the end of your tie-in period and then hunting all over again for the best deal. Knowing that you could potentially save £1000’s may have been motivation enough for some to go through this process over and over again. For others, however, it just seemed easier to stay with their current lender, even given the cost.

With Dashly, those days are gone. No longer do you need to spend hours reviewing the best mortgage products. No longer do you need to worry that perhaps you’re missing out on a better deal, and no longer is there an excuse for paying more than you need to.  Dashly take care of it all for you and, as you’d expect, is fully approved and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Save thousands by doing nothing

dashly mortgage savings

Well, maybe not quite nothing, but if you can spare 10-15 minutes of your time, then you can literally be saving £1000’s. The sign-up process with Dashly is simple and quick: 10-15 minutes to answer a few questions about your mortgage, and then you are set for life.

With your details held securely, Dashly works hard on your behalf: challenging your unique mortgage against current market circumstances and an average of 10,000 products. The powerful software is no Monday to Friday, 9-5; Dashly is constantly looking for the best product for you, 24/7. 

What could possibly make this any better? Did you realise that the service offered by Dashly is 100% free? With no sneaky charges and no obligation to take up any mortgage products, there really is nothing to lose, while there are £1000′ s to gain. 

One-time sign-up. Lifetime of savings

How dashly can save you money

Unlike other services out there, Dashly doesn’t just help you make savings once. Once you remortgage with Dashly, the whole search for a better deal starts all over again and never ends. Simply put, it is a non-stop effort to save you money on your mortgage. 

With the constant search, Dashly can never bring you a deal worse than your existing one. You will only be presented with mortgage products that are better and save you money, potentially £100’s a month. With this in mind, alongside the fact that Dashly is completely free, there really is no reason not to sign-up and see what Dashly could do for you.

Knowing that you could be losing £2,620 each and every year on your mortgage may be the motivation you need to see what you can really save. With the opportunity to switch and take out the best mortgage product for you, effortlessly, and on a regular basis, the potential savings can soon add up. 

Never overpay on mortgage interest again

Reaching the end of a fixed-term or introductory offer usually only means one thing: your monthly mortgage payments are about to go up. A rise in the interest rate that you were originally given suddenly sees you paying more. Maybe this increase in your monthly payments is comfortable, but for others, it can make a serious dent in their household budget. Either way, how would saving £100’s a month make a difference to you?

Dashly has truly redefined the mortgage process, from start to finish. With mortgage switching built-in, changing mortgage products is now a truly effortless affair. You will be safe in the knowledge that all of the hard work is done for you. With the sheer number of mortgage products on hand, we will only bring you the best. And by the best, this means the ones that will save you money. There is no longer a need to be tied to your current lender and continue to pay more interest than you need to. Dashly sets you free.

The new tech saving the UK thousands

How dashly works

Dashly is powered by impressive technology. In fact, Dashly is the world’s first 24/7 mortgage evaluation technology. Nothing else out there can offer what Dashly do: searching 24/7 to save you £1000’s on your mortgage. 

The power of technology means that Dashly works in a way that no human ever could. No breaks, no holidays, no waiting for your favourite advisor to return to the office; with Dashly working hard to save you money, you’ll never need anything else.

With the Dashly mobile app, your monthly report, and personal dashboard, you’re always in the loop and can always see exactly what you’ve managed to save.

That’s not to say that human contact is made redundant, of course. With a dedicated team of advisors on-hand, Dashly can offer the human touch too, should you need a helping hand or any guidance along the way.

How simple can it all be?

How much does dashly cost

There is no simpler way to manage your mortgage and save £1000’s. This is exactly how it works:

  1. You sign-up to Dashly, taking 10-15 minutes
  2. Dashly then evaluate your mortgage against the whole market
  3. When a deal is found that saves you £1000’s, Dashly let you know
  4. You review the deal and decide if you want to switch
  5. You switch, with the help of Dashly advisors
  6. You begin saving £1000’s
  7. Dashly begin the search all over again

As the world’s first 24/7 evaluation tool, Dashly shows what a clever piece of tech can do for you. Having been featured in The Times, TechRadar, and What Mortgage, amongst others, Dashly has revolutionised the mortgage industry, ensuring that people have the right deal at the right time and understand exactly what they are signing up to.

Dashly isn’t just free for now, like other introductory offers. Dashly is committed to being free forever. With the Dashly team being paid from mortgage provider fees, not a single penny is taken from your pocket. 

With nothing to lose, now is the time to ask yourself, “Is it time for my mortgage to start paying me back?”. If your answer is yes, then go ahead and register with Dashly now. Within 15 minutes you could be on your way to saving £1000’s. 

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  1. This sounds really good. I’ve made a point of mentioning to my husband as he sorts out the mortgage and stuff like that. It’ll be great if we can make savings. Glad you mentioned this.

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