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For many, reflecting on the year 2020 is likely to be a feeling of discouragement. With the instability of the UK financial markets driven by the uncertainty surrounding Brexit and with the worldwide pandemic, COVID-19, plunging the UK into recession, it appears that there is little to recall with any degree of fondness.

Savvy investors have always sought out safe havens in order to make their money work for them. With the Bank of England (BOE) interest rate seemingly stuck at a historic low and volatility in stock markets around the world, it appeared that the options during 2020 were severely limited.

Similarly, Cash ISAs from traditional banks are returning negligent amounts back to investors.
However, Stocks and Shares ISAs’ via reliable companies are providing investors with attractive returns during this downturn. Astute Capital has shown that even in the toughest of market conditions, returns are still there to be made.

Over £4 million to Astute Capital investors

With 3 bonds maturing, Astute Capital has paid out over £4 million in 2020 alone. Despite Brexit, and in the face of the financial fallout from COVID-19, Astute Capital has achieved the rates promised to investors and stays true to its mandate of offering above-average returns.

Early in 2020 the business announced the redemption of their Series 7 fixed-rate bond and the redemption of their Series 12 bond. These bonds both launched in 2019 on the Euronext Dublin Stock Exchange and redeemed £500,000 on 1st February, and £250 000 in April respectfully. 

Richard Symonds, Managing Director of Astute Capital Plc said, ” We are pleased to be able to provide our investors with a one-year return of 3.2%, within a pretty stagnant investor market. Market uncertainty has been primarily driven by the reality of an up and coming hard Brexit and the threat of COVID-19.”

With February and April demonstrating a positive start to 2020, what was to follow sealed the year as one of outstanding performance.

Series 1 fixed-rate bond

Launched in 2017 on the Euronext Dublin Stock Market, September 2020 saw Astute Capital redeeming their Series 1 fixed-rate bond. This bond was taken up by 179 Acute Capital investors and saw individuals investing from £1,000 to £99,000, with the majority of individuals opting to use a stocks and shares ISA wrapper. With a return of over £3 million, each investor saw their capital being returned, along with a bi-annual coupon payment equivalent to 7.5% p.a.

Marking their success, Richard Symonds, Managing Director at Astute Capital Plc said, ” It has been particularly encouraging for the business to deliver to its UK investors its first Series bond as originally promised. Despite a noticeably difficult market year, we have been delighted to be able to deliver 7.5% p.a. to our investors, and now the full repayment of their investment.”

Who are Astute Capital?

Astute Capital Plc is a UK Plc lender with headquarters in London. Established in 2016, Astute Capital specialises in asset-backed lending in the UK. The business raises capital through a £500 million publicly listed bond programmes, providing investors with direct access to above-average and asset-backed returns. Our team has over 40 years’ experience in UK property and asset-backed lending and follows a strict industry regulation and an underwriting process that ensures adequate security is taken for every loan, and in accordance with our prospectus, which is approved and published on the Irish and Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

As demonstrated by its 2020 results so far, Astute Capital is committed to achieving high returns for its investors while also maintaining security and minimising risk. 

Is investing with Astute Capital complicated?

Astute Capital has made investing as simple as it possibly can be. The UK Government wants us all to save, and to encourage this it allows generous tax breaks. The most popular, and well-known, way of taking advantage of these tax breaks is through an Individual Saving Account (ISA).

The Astute Capital listed bond is issued by Astute Capital Plc and offers competitive returns from 3.9% up to 7.9% per annum. Astute Capital investors are reassured by the fact that their investment is secured against UK property within a bond that is publicly listed on either the Irish or Frankfurt Stock Exchange. 

When investing with Astute Capital, you are able to hold your funds within an ISA. This means that your returns will be tax-free. Giving you the options of either a Stocks and Shares ISA or a Classic Account which offers the same returns outside of the ISA wrapper. This way you are given the opportunity to make the most of your savings and make them work for you.

What of the future for Astute Capital?

Reporting on past success is all well and good, but what does the future hold for Astute Capital? The Government’s recent steps to stimulate activity within the property market, by removing stamp duty for properties under £500,000, had the desired effect with levels of activity increasing. Taking account that investments are secured against UK property, the future looks promising.

Rather than being constrained by market stability and liquidity like the main banks, Astute Capital is uniquely positioned to capitalise on the current market conditions. So much so that Astute Capital sees real opportunities arising over the next 6-12 months.

The fantastic returns that have been seen through Astute Capital demonstrate its ability to live up to its promise of delivering results that are above average. With investments being free of any set up and management fees, Astute Capital presents the ideal opportunity for investors to make their money work for them. Offering fixed-rate interest, the results from 2020 offer reassurance to would-be investors that Astute Capital is more than capable of delivering. This is done by diversifying funds across eligible loans in its portfolio.

Those investors who were paid out in February, April and September were all paid in full and on time. These results for 2020, were achieved through a period seen as financially unstable. This performance surely bodes well for investments of the future. 

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