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Terry Bell, Chairman of Bell & Company and host of the Real-Talk podcast has released a new book for SME owners about the pro’s and indeed, the con’s of SME Debt Problems.

The Business Pandemic, takes you through the current crisis in the economy and future pitfalls in a humourous but straight-talking format, free of the usual jargon it cuts to the chase!

 “The essential Business Bible for SME’s facing cash flow problems!”

Terry Covers key SME cash flow issues and how Banks and Creditors pressurise company owners when they face a debt burden. He also details alternatives to bankruptcy and Dispute Resolution gleaned from over 30 years of working with SME’s and Banks.

“We write this book and offer it as a form of directive on how to work through SME debt, with the backdrop of ‘lockdown’ stemming from COVID-19. Our unique position of acting solely for our clients, has seen us develop a full understanding of SME debt problems – particularly when these problems manifest into some form of personal exposure.”

Prior to this catastrophe, the economies of the UK and Ireland were moribund at best, with a backdrop of the low interest rates for over a decade, the ongoing consequence of the Financial Crisis of 2008. Again, at the time of writing this book we still find ourselves dealing with a lot of these ‘2008-legacy’ cases across Europe. 

SMEs and their owners face tougher scrutiny and exposure should their business struggle or fail. 

The burden of a struggling SME can be too much for many and the effect on relationships and health (both physical and mental), is often hard to bear. 

Since the 2008 crash and the then massive withdrawal of the ‘Big 4’ banks from the SME lending landscape, new fintech operators and other innovative lending methods have entered the market in a huge way. These include:

1. Peer to peer platforms,

2. Asset finance,

3. PCP finance,

4. Invoice discounting, factoring etc, and

5. Tax financing – for goodness sake.

These have ‘mushroomed’ from the huge flows of money from Quantitative Easing programmes and other ‘money printing· policies across the world.

These in turn have and will massively affect SMEs when they struggle and fail. 

For UK & Ireland-based SME’s, the future at this point is unknown. Recession definite. Will redundancy hit record levels – will we suffer a Depression? 

There are many opinions and these ‘are 10 a penny’ coming from the expert economists who block up the news channels (and who have not worked in the real world). 

For instance, a recent joke published in ‘The Sunday Times’ … “definition of economist; someone who thinks accountancy is too exciting!” 

SME Debt is a serious issue and this book aims to deliver a clear and simple guide on how SME’s can tackle the thorny issue of creditors and banks instead of turning a blind-eye and facing the inevitable.

The book also covers:

Mindset and Approach to Debt Issues

What the Creditor Wants?

Assets and Income 

Being Chased for Debt 

Business Debt Pressure – from HMRC,  Peer-to-Peer, Banks, Creditors

and much more.

Download your free guide to SME Debt. As Terry says, Know the worst, achieve the best!


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