How Document Scanning can save Money for Small Businesses

How Document Scanning can save Money for Small Businesses

How Document Scanning can save Money for Small Businesses

Scanning has been around for years. But today’s progression in technology has seen some extremely well-designed and complex scanners that can do all kinds of clever and useful things. Many workplaces have scanners, but some small businesses may have doubts about how cost-effective they actually are. When you’re looking over £500 for an all singing all dancing machine, and with so many to choose from, it is tempting to wonder whether everything would just be better as the paper documents that they are. However, don’t let complicated terminology and never-ending choices drive you away from the scanning world, because you could be missing out on saving your small business a significant amount of cash – by not investing in one.

In today’s climate, paper documents are nothing but an inconvenience. They’re inefficient and they often get in the way of accessibility, they can go missing and you can lose track of important things. They are a barrier for productivity and are generally just not a great, safe choice when it comes to primary storage. Going paperless is all the rage in the business world of today, even banks and energy providers are encouraging their customers to ditch the paper statements and bills in favour of digital alternatives due to how much time and money it saves.

Document scanning will give you extremely easy access to all of your files at a simple click of a button. If you have everything, or most important documents, on paper, things are likely to get lost, it can be a huge hassle getting a copy of anything and more than likely the documents are not stored in any kind of order leading to confusion and just a general mess. By scanning paper documents, you are ensuring that a digital copy is made which instantly backs up that document and makes it more accessible. Documents can also be transferred quickly between staff, meaning better overall efficiency within the business. This improvement in efficiency and speed can also mean progress in your business’ customer service because issues and general enquiries will be able to be dealt with at a much faster pace, due to files being found straight away.  

Whilst buying a decent scanner might seem like a lot of money to spend, in the long run, you are probably spending more money using paper documents. It is not just the storage of hard copy files that can cost you money, it’s the mailing, copying and shipping that can also be a financial drain on your business. Also, anyone that has worked with paper accounts before knows all too well the arduous task of filing and re-filing which can take what seems like a lifetime. Document scanning means no more manual filing and also eliminates the risk of human error, meaning everything is where it should be, at all times.

In most cases, small businesses have small offices and limited space. If every document you work with is on paper, the majority of your office is probably just one, huge filing cabinet that keeps getting bigger. Using  a document scanner means you can ditch the overcrowded cabinets, shelves and drawers which will not only be better from a visual point of view, it will also create a clear and productive working environment for your staff – and behind every successful business is a great, happy team.

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